Sony’s Google TV box gets a refresh

OnLive on Sony's Google TVSony has just announce their new Google TV set top box the NSZ-GS8, this refresh model is set to replace the older NSZ-GS7. The refresh adds a microphone to the remote which allows you to preform voice searches which Google added to the platform last fall. There are no other major changes to the system except from the ability to perform voice searches. The device will be available in stores by early July with a price tag of $199.

Google TV doesn’t seem to be attracting the amount of people that the company had originally hope for the service, especially since their attempt at an actual TV didn’t fly off of the shelves the service seems to be treading water at the moment. The refresh of Sony’s Google TV set top box might sell a few units but it definitely won’t sell to the masses who are quite content not having their television connected to the internet.

Google’s biggest competition is from other set top boxes that have made their way into the peoples homes via their cable provider. For instance Tivo is very popular and they have adopted some of the features that you would find on your generic Google TV set top box.

Source: Engadget