Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition bug prevents removal of installed apps


The arrival of the Google Play edition of the Sony Z Ultra was welcomed by many as another option in non-Nexus devices (and the first phablet option) running stock Android, but for those that did buy it, a software bug might be making things a bit inconvenient. Actually, for those that try out a lot of apps, the bug could be more than just an inconvenience – it prevents users from uninstalling any app after it has been installed, basically making it a case of “you installed it, now you gotta keep it” for anyone who’s bought the stock Android-ified version of Sony’s 6.4-inch phablet.

Any attempt to uninstall an app results in the device soft rebooting, which means the app continues to reside on the phone taking up precious internal storage. There’s a microSD slot that could partly offset the issue by freeing up the internal storage from being used for media storage, but it won’t hide the fact that users will have to see unused apps just sitting there in the app drawer. What makes matters worse is the fact that this is the second bug to affect the Z Ultra GPe when it comes to apps – the first one prevented users from sideloading apps, though since only a small portion of users actually manually install apps from third-party sources, it’s an issue that didn’t get as much coverage as the uninstall glitch.

These bugs are likely a result of Sony’s changes to the software on the Z Ultra GPe, and hopefully a solution is in the works. Google’s been mighty quick about Android 4.4 updates, so once a solution is found and implemented, it shouldn’t be long before an update begins rolling out to the device over the air.

Check out the video below to see the uninstall bug in action.

Source: Google+