Sony Xperia X lineup reaching American shores soon, Xperia Z lineup could cease to exist

Xperia X Performance

#Sony has freshly announced that the #XperiaX will be making an appearance in the American mobile industry. The Xperia X Performance will be high on the list obviously, thanks to its flagship level hardware.

With this news, the company also had some other big news to break, although not through proper channels. Responding to a user query, Sony Germany mentioned that the Xperia X will absorb the Xperia Z series of devices, which effectively means that customers might have to get used to seeing Xperia X more in Sony’s promotional materials.

This was quite evident given the kind of hardware that was packing on the Xperia X Performance, which almost seemed like a flagship offering. However, it still seems premature to jump to conclusions until Sony has some official confirmation on this front. However, a move like this makes logical sense as it would allow the company to focus on just one brand globally and thus save on marketing.

You can check out the hardware specifications and other information related to the recently launched Xperia X lineup here.

Source: Sony Germany (Facebook)

Via: Android Authority