Sony Xperia E2 With LTE Seemingly Confirmed in Benchmark

CES 2014, the go-to event for mobile tech aficionados next January, is fast approaching, and so it’s only natural for the rumor mill to grind at full throttle in regards to the expo’s brightest stars to be. We’ve recently rounded up some of the early suspects, but many have so far kept a low profile, intending to come out of the blue at the last minute and snatch the spotlight.

Sony Xperia E

Like Sony’s Xperia E2. As a direct descendant of last year’s modest Xperia E, the new fellow may not sound like a big deal at first. But rumor has it pricing will be kept in check while the performance ante is to be upped, including with on-board 4G LTE connectivity.

Starting to sound a little better? How about if I also told you it scores around the 18,000 points mark in AnTuTu, which not long ago was upper mid-range turf? More exactly, 17,853 for a model numbered D2303.

The sole catch is we can’t be 100% certain this is indeed the Xperia E2. The codename has no ties whatsoever with the first-gen’s alias (C1505), albeit it isn’t the first time we’re hearing Sony plans to tweak its Xperia numbering and swap the 2013-reminiscent C with a D for all 2014 products.

Another identity theory for the D2303 is it’s an Xperia C (aka C2305) follow-up (possibly to be called Xperia C2), however what doesn’t make sense is why would Sony be testing already a sequel for a device rolled out in July 2013.

Sony Xperia E2

Bottom line, we know nothing for sure, but gun to our heads, we’d probably go with this being the Xperia E2. An E2 that’s essentially set in stone as supporting LTE, since the model number ends with a 3.

Odds are the mid-ranger will be able to accommodate two SIM cards at once, just like its predecessor, and run Android 4.4 KitKat out the box. Too optimistic a forecast? Not at all, as even if the E2 packs 512 MB RAM, KitKat should take care of business in a smooth and swift manner.

And besides, Android 4.4 has to become the norm rather than the exception for all new devices before long, right?

In the hardware department, it’s hard to guess exactly what Sony has in mind, but if the AnTuTu score is legit, a dual-core Snapdragon 400 CPU is the least we can hope for. Possibly, a comfier screen too, measuring 4 inches or so.

Who knows, maybe we’re not looking at an E2 or C2 after all, but instead something entirely new to take on Motorola’s Moto G in terms of bang for buck. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Via [RB Men]