Sony to Offer PS One and PS2 Game Streaming?

Owners of the Sony PlayStation 3 or PS3 who wish to play older games from the PS One or the PS2 may have hope. There are rumors circulating that Sony may soon make these games available to PS 3 users.

Conventionally, Sony would need to upload the games individually. Users would then select the games they want to purchase. However, Sony is proposing an alternative way of making the games available to the audience. The company is purportedly planning to sign a deal with a cloud-based gaming service that would stream the entire catalog of games. Hence, Sony is negotiating with either OnLive or Gaikai, two of the few cloud gaming companies today. Some rumors even go as far as claiming that Sony is purchasing one of these companies to prevent other gaming console manufacturers from offering a competitive service.

This new game streaming service will resurrect many games that have not been reworked with a High Definition treatment. Among those older games that are now offered again are Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill, God of War, and Devil May Cry. However, there is are around 8,000 games in all for the PS One and PS 2 that are unavailable to PS3 users because of the compatibility issues. It is unknown then how many of those games Sony intends to revive, but the more that they do, the more profit they will earn from offering these games again. If the PlayStation 4 will also offer streaming games, this new service will as well help test the waters and clear possible bugs and issues.

That said, Sony has not had a very good history with offering backwards compatibility. Initially, the company allowed its PS3 users to play PS2 and PS One games. Later, however, as the PS3 underwent changes, the compatibility was affected.