Sony Tablet S Successor on its Way

The S Tablet from Sony has been on the list of the most unique and interestingly designed tablets on the market.  While many tried to replicate the slab form factor in new tablets, Sony went ahead and thought outside the box in designing the 9 inch tablet that is popular for being easy to hold on one hand.  Most reviewers have declared the S lighter a more balanced and lighter tablet which feels like a 7 inch tablet while delivering a much better performance.

The only downside is that the S Tablet arrived in the market too late and failed to capitalize on the initial euphoria of tablets.  Sony made matters worse by making it too expensive for an ordinary user to get the Tablet as it was retailing for a whopping $600 for a tablet running on an old Honeycomnb version of Android and a Tegra 2 processor.  This almost sealed its fate.

It has however emerged that Sony is working on a second generation tablet expected to launch exactly one year after the original S tablet.  The tablet has already passed the FCC approval meaning that it will soon be available in the market.  Not much about the tablet is known at the moment but it is likely that Sony is taking it more seriously compared to the way the first generation S tablets were handled.  Since it may be a big project, the S tablet successor is likely to be Playstation certified and should be powerful enough to play older PSX games and other Android games.


The new S tablets are expected to have a more powerful GPU and CPU compared to its predecessor but it is currently unknown just what its capabilities are.  It could have a Tegra 3 or a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and an Adreno 320 GPU.  The OS is most likely to be the latest Android 4.1 jelly Bean although it will not be a disappointment if it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS.