Sony looking to use USB-Type C ports on future Xperia devices

Sony - USB Type-C

USB Type-C is certainly a thing of the future as Android manufacturers rally to get the feature on board future devices. The fact that Google now supports this by default (with Android M) makes things even better for Android OEMs. Sony has now mentioned that it will be keen to bring USB Type-C to its future Xperia lineup, although not immediately.

According to the program manager of Sony’s Tokyo wing, Takeshi Nitta, the company is “investigating” the use of the USB Type-C connectors for its upcoming Xperia flagships. He was also mindful of the fact that the industry is yet to fully embrace it, so he didn’t make any promises at this point.

The USB Type-C connector makes lives a lot more simpler for users by letting you fit in the charging cable in either direction, more like Apple’s Lightning port. It will also let you charge your devices up to 3.5 times quicker.

This will no doubt be a standard on future devices and it’s good to know that Sony is committed to bring this technology to its devices. That being said, we don’t expect the company to utilize this feature at least until 2016, so don’t hold your breath.

Source: Focus Taiwan

Via: Xperia Blog