Sony Introduces New Internet Box With Google Play In Tow

Sony was an aggressive launch partner for the first wave of Google TV’s. It seems that an Android/Google strategy is still part of Sony’s plan for the set top box category.

Sony held a Bravia event yesterday in Singapore and showed off an Android Internet Box. There was no name announced at the event. It’s a simple set top box with access to the internet. There is a remote control and a qwerty keyboard ala previous Google TV and set top box remotes, like Boxee for instance.

One thing that stood out to CNet Asia’s Philip Wong noticed, was the presence of a record button and a 3d button on the remote control. It looks like dvr and 3d are baked into the device.

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The final big stand out for Sony’s Android internet box was the presence of the Google Play store. Yes previous boxes have the Android Market installed, this was the first time it was showed off in the new iteration and presumably the intention for Google Play which is to bring the contents of the Android Market across multiple devices from the Android device to the set top box to the browser.

The Sony Android Internet Box hasn’t been announced for availability yet and nothing has been said about pricing, although with most competing products now in the sub $100 range we can’t see the box going for much more.

We’ll report back when we hear more.

source/photos: CNet Asia

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  1. Google Play has been on the Google TV boxes since the day it was announced, it flashed over to Google Play before the Market on my phone switched.

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