Sony Could Bring Remote Play Feature to Android Devices


Sony has been pretty busy since the past few months. At first it was the launch of the PlayStation Vita, which didn’t quite manage to make much noise. Later, it was the buzz about the much hyped PlayStation 4 console along with the much hyped Xperia Z smartphone. After the ever so successful PlayStation 3 gaming console, people had high expectations from the successor. The PS4 more than lived up to it when the Japanese electronics giant formally announced its arrival a few days ago. Along with the announcement of the all new console, the company also revealed plans to integrate it with an array of services to make things that much more simpler and convenient for the users. One of these features is Remote Play which would allow PS4 users to pause and continue a game on their PS Vita devices. But it now appears as if Remote Play could be extended beyond the realms of PS Vita, if a new tweet from Sony is to be believed. It is now being said that Remote Play could be brought to Android devices (including tablets). And the image shown off by Sony detailing Remote Play, pretty much confirms it.

We’re hoping this won’t be a Sony specific feature as there are plenty of PlayStation certified smartphones out there. As long as the smartphone sports a decent graphics processor, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. And since all of this happens in the cloud, it’s basically like streaming the game from one device to another. This feature is something we’ve all been secretly wanting to have, but didn’t quite know about it yet. Because just imagine the number of times you’ve had to pause the game on the console to get a soda or go to the bathroom. With this feature, you can basically be anywhere around the house and still be able to play the game exactly where you’ve left off on the console. All this would require a super speedy internet connection though, without which the idea immediately falls apart. Also, it must be seen how this works in real life as all we have for now are theoretical explanations on how it would function.

There is also going to be a mobile app for PlayStation 4 apparently, which wouldn’t exactly function the same way as Remote Play, but would let users control certain aspects of the gaming console while on the go. Say for example you want to download a cool new game for your PS4, this iOS or Android app will let you start the download while you’re outside and it will be downloaded on the console by the time you get back. This doesn’t exactly provide the same functionality as Remote Play, but it is useful nonetheless. The app could be launched sometime in Q4 2013 which is when the console is expected to arrive. We’re guessing Sony missed the mark by a few months as launching the console in Q4 2012 would have been ideal, especially with PlayStation Certified phones coming in the following months, but all that’s behind us now. There’s still a lot of waiting to do for fans, but I guess it will be worth it as we’re talking about a gaming console here and not a smartphone/tablet.

Via: Android Community