Sony coats Xperia P in 24-carat gold, keeps up tradition of so-so phones in luxury shells

Sony has engendered and developed the most fascinating, alluring and ravishing cellphone model. Yes, it is the gold-coated, 24-carat version of the Xperia P. The basic and foremost rule for arraying and enveloping these extraneous and fascinating materials is to treat and consider these devices in a different way and not as the high end devices. They should include and comprise of mid-tier hardware which could be veiled and obscured by a common and generic smartphone at a fraction of the price. And most importantly Sony’s maintaining all that classic and conventional tradition even after the launch of this exotic model.

It has given the luxury treatment to a smartphone with a strictly middling 4-inch display and dual-core 1GHz processor. Unlike Vertu, like the business model, the company regards and recognizes this as an experiment with strict intention and motivation to emphasize and accentuate the unibody design. Apart from the count on the impetus purchase, Sony conspires and hints that it is providing and extending some of its gold Xperia P stock to followers on Facebook. Although this highly risky but Sony is gaining the popularity among the youths. As long as there’s no affirmation and allegation of living the high life with a really ordinary phone Sony is satisfied and contented by the launch of this model in the market.

We will have to wait and watch if this model can actually achieve and accomplish the desired targets and goals set by the company. There has been positive as well as negative response of the people after the launch. People are not exactly very keen on buying this luxury smartphone. They are still thinking hard before making a choice, because the million dollar question is “When the phone goes outdated, what do you do with it?