Sony claims that it won’t bring Quad HD phones to the market just yet

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Sony isn’t exactly the world leader when it comes to smartphone sales as we’re all well aware. One of the prime reasons for its decline in the mobile industry is its refusal to adapt to the changing market conditions. We’ve seen this over a course of two years now where the company has barely made any changes to its flagship lineup.

And now, the company has gone on record to say that it’s not particularly keen on bringing Quad HD displays to its smartphones. The general manager of Sony Mobile Taiwan, Jonathan Lin, made the revelation. He gave away the information during an interview with a popular media outlet.

This makes sense from a technical standpoint as Quad HD displays barely make a difference as far as the display quality is concerned. Unless we’re talking about a big sized phone, Quad HD panels have the same amount of impact as 1080p smartphone displays. But given that the likes of Samsung, LG etc set the market trend, this might come as negative PR for Sony.

The company isn’t completely writing off Quad HD phones though, as they simply feel that the technology isn’t advanced enough as it stands. Maybe by next year we will finally see a Sony flagship with a 2K resolution display.

Do you agree with Sony and its concerns?

Source: Focus Taiwan