Sony C660X Yuga specs leaked, quad-core Krait could be in tow

A little over a week ago, an information leaked out about Sony C650X ‘Odin’. Just today, another Sony device was seen in AnTuTu Benchmark database dubbed as Sony C6603 ‘Yuga’ showing impressive overall score while running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on its 1.5GHz processor. Odin is believed to be Sony’s flagship for 2013 but that seems questionable as Yuga comes with the same (or even higher) specs. However, nothing is confirmed as of now yet so no one really knows if the Japanese manufacturer still has something more powerful than these two.

It seems like Sony is now up to competing with other key players in the industry in the specs and operating system divisions. Both C660X Yuga and C650X Odin will be running Jelly Bean out of the box with the possibility of using quad-core Kraits. The latter received an impressive 11,321 overall score from AnTuTu with 1.5GHz. More often, processors clocked at such frequency but gets really high score would end up having 4 cores. According to sources, Sony’s new devices will be using Qualcomm’s platform so immediately the Snapdragon S4 chipset comes into mind.

As far as system-on-chip (SoC) is concerned, there are two options for Sony here; the APQ8064 and MDM9615. Both have 4 cores and have an integrated Adreno 320 graphics processor. The following are the rest of the information extracted from benchmark posted on a Japanese blog:

Model Number:C6603

Android Version:4.1.1

CPU Frequency:1512MHz



CPU integer:3647

CPU float-point:2648

2D graphics:294

3D graphics:1250

Database IO:550

SD card write:(1.64MB/s) 16.4

SD card read:(21.6MB/s) 216

Total scores:11321

If reports were true that Odin would be released next year, then there is a greater possibility Yuga will not be seen in the market this year. Nevertheless, it is good news for tech enthusiasts especially Sony fans as there are powerful devices on queue for release. Also, without the full specs of these handsets, it would be difficult to estimate their price but supposing both comes with quad-core Kraits, they wouldn’t go below $700.