Solved Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Turning On After Damaging Charging Port

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note5 is a model released in 2015 that is actually still being used by a lot of consumers today. As a member of the Note family the phone uses a large 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display and a stylus called an S Pen. This is a favorite device among consumers who like to be productive while on the go as it gives them flexible input methods and a large screen. Although this is a solid performing phone there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 5 not turning on after damaging charging port issue and other related problems.

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Note 5 Not Turning On After Damaging Charging Port

Problem: Hello, I appreciate your time and knowledge to help out. As you are aware of the many issues with the note 5. I have been using this phone for 2 years now since it came out without any issues until the update  where my phone wont turn on, reboots, ODEN screen, etc I experienced this and was all solved after I installed the WAKELOCK APP. The only main issue during that time was I cannot let the phone battery reach 0% or else it would not turn back on. The solution to this is having the battery replaced Upon reaching the home screen, I must turn the WakeLock app on IMMEDIATELY for the phone to stay on.  So I did this for months without shutting off my phone and it worked great, never again encountered those terrible common issues from the update(marshmallow?).

** My issue begins now** :

Until last week, I accidentally insert my charger the opposite way and jammed/damaged the charging port of the phone. Until a few days later it STOPPED TURNING ON for good. I  I brought it in a store and tested it with a technician using a full battery and still no sign of turning on.

** My question**

Could a damaged charging port affect the motherboard? I only jammed the charging port, is this is enough to affect the motherboard? I read the charging port is connected tightly with power button/motherboard ? The thing is my phone been working perfectly fine for months with the wakelock app… until I jammed the charging port.. how could this affect the motherboard severely? Would replacing the charging port be worth a try since there were no serious issues before the charging port incident? Thank you for your time and thoughts.

Solution: When you jammed in the charger this could have damaged the port causing its two separate metal parts to connect causing a short circuit. This short circuit will usually damage electronic components. You could try having the charging port of the phone replaced. If this does not work then you should have a technician check the phone circuit and find out what component has been damaged as this can usually be replaced.

Note 5 Not Turning On

Problem:  My phone battery dies overnight as I didn’t have it charging.  In the morning I plugged it in to charge and it read 99% charge as soon as I plugged it up.  I tried to turn it on it wouldn’t. Then kept flashing between a dead battery symbol and 99% charged.  I did whatever to get it to reboot (volume, power home combination), a blue screen came up with android and msg installing software update for about 20 secs then the no command resting android appears. I have tried rebooting, wiping data, wiping cache and installings from SD option from the recovery menu…none of that worked so please offer different solution.  I really hope you can help.

Solution: You should try starting the phone in recovery mode then do a factory reset. Take note that when you do this your phone data will be erased. If this does not fix the problem then this is most likely caused by a hardware component that is failing to work properly. The best thing to do in this case is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

Note 5 Unresponsive Not Charging

Problem: Hi, I was using my phone when it initially froze up, after a few seconds the screen went black and the buttons were unresponsive. I have done all troubleshooting (resetting, rebooting, etc.) but have had no reaction from the phone. It is completely dead and does not respond to a charger either. I live in Ireland so have no SAMSUNG support. Any ideas on how I can fix this or what the problem may be? Also, would you have any idea in a price range if I take my phone to a shop so a technician can have a look?

Solution: What you will want to do right now is to make sure that the battery has sufficient charge to turn on the phone. Follow the steps listed below to charge the phone.

  • Clean the charging port of the phone using a can of compressed air. Make sure to remove any dirt or debris that might be present in the port.
  • Charge the phone for at least 20 minutes using a wall charger.
  • If the phone does not charge then try using a different charging cord and wall charger. You should also check if the phone can charge from a computer USB port.
  • Turn on the phone by pressing and holding both power and volume down buttons.

In case the phone remains unresponsive and does not turn on or charge then this is most likely a hardware related problem already. The cost of repair will depend on which area you live in. It’s best to inquire directly at the repair shop as to how much it is going to cost you.

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