Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SMS & MMS Problems [Part 2]


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Almost all of us stumble upon text-related problems from time to time. While most do not always warrant any considerable effort from us to fix, some may leave us confused at worst. This troubleshooting thread is created to keep our Android community aware of some of these issues. We hope that the solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SMS & MMS problems provided here can help the community in any way.

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Problem #1: Cursor jumps to a different part of the screen or word when typing a text message in Galaxy S6 Edge

While I am typing, my phone will randomly take the word I’m currently typing and insert it into the middle of a word in the previous sentence. For example, if I type “That’s great news! But I guess now it’s a moot point.” The phone will randomly end up with “That’s groot news! But I guess now it’s a moot point.” — Lila

Solution: Hi Lila. It must be a glitch that randomly inserts the cursor to another part of the screen. This has been observed with some third party apps before although there appears to be no specific pattern of triggers. What you can do here is to delete the keyboard app’s cache and data. This will refresh the data used by the operating system to launch the app.
If you are using a third party app, doing the same thing may also help. If you haven’t tried doing this before, simply follow these steps:
• Tap Settings.
• Scroll to and tap Applications.
• Tap Application Manager.
• Swipe left to go to All tab.
• Tap the target app.
• Tap Clear Cache.

Problem #2: SMS does not send when Galaxy S6 Edge is on call

While I’m on the phone, text messages stall downloading and no text messages go through until I’m off the phone. This didn’t happen with my HTC One so I’m not understanding what the problem is with the Galaxy S6 which is supposed to be a more advanced Android. — Kiy

Solution: Hi Kiy. This problem has nothing to do with hardware or your phone. It’s most probably a network problem or app issue. If you are using the stock messaging app, purging the cache and data may help (steps provided above). If that won’t fix the problem, make sure to let your carrier know about it.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unable to send and receive MMS

I can’t text any pictures. It was fine one minute and then nothing. It’s been 3 days and any MMS texts will not go through. I also can’t receive pictures from others through texts. I will try to download them and will come up as “message not found”. Thank you in advance for your help. — Tara

Solution: Hi Tara. There are a few things to consider to resolve this problem but in your case, there are only two things that you must do.

Verify that you have a stable data connection

The sending and receiving of MMS requires data connection. Make sure mobile data is enabled when trying to use the MMS feature first.

Check with your network provider

If the problem randomly happens without you changing anything on the phone (like the APN settings), call your carrier and let them know about the issue. Area maintenance, planned or unplanned outage, or area service disruptions may be causing this trouble so letting them know that one of their subscribers is impacted may spur them to check their system. On-going network issues are not always monitored so letting them know about one may not only help you but other users in the area as well.

Problem #4: Unable to send MMS even after replacing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with a new one

Hi. Got an upgrade on 3/7/15 to Galaxy S6 32GB. Since then I try to send an MMS to anyone it comes up cancelled. So it does not send. I have contacted my network have did all the steps from APN settings to network checks and proxys. This has been done about 8 times but still does not send. I have my SIM card changed and also I have received a new handset in case it was faulty. My SIM card works in other phones and it has been checked in Vodafone UK store and it works in iPhone 6 and HTC with no problems. My data connection is working fine when connecting to Internet, games etc but the data fails to connect when I try to send MMS. Hangouts does not work either. But WhatsApp, Facebook message works fine. Your help would be appreciated. — Steven

Solution: Hi Steven. Looks like you have already covered everything that must be done. The problem must be network-related as you have already replaced the first phone. Unless two identical phones have the same exact problem (which is extremely unlikely), your best bet here is to continue working with your carrier to resolve the issue. That data stops working when the phone uses MMS feature looks like a network-related problem.
In case the issue stems from carrier-provider firmware, do a round of factory reset, then try sending an MMS without installing any third party apps.
Here are the steps to do that:
• Go to Settings.
• Tap Backup and Reset.
• Tap Factory Data Reset.
• Read the warning and tap Reset Device.
To further narrow down the issue, you can also opt to root your device. Using a different firmware may be the answer. Keep in mind that rooting may void the warranty of the phone and may brick it in the process. Make sure to use a reliable guide should you decide to do this.
If you continually get an error sending MMS via stock messaging app, consider using a third party app.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge keeps getting old deleted messages in Message+ app

I am getting text back randomly that I have deleted. Not the whole conversation, but just one part of the conversation. I have cleared the cache on the Message Plus app which is the one I’ve been using. I was using the Samsung text messaging app but apparently if the conversation window is open, you don’t get a notification of a new text. Which is another issue altogether, so now I’m using the Message Plus app for texting. Any help would be appreciated. — Denise

Solution: Hi Denise. This issue is more likely network-related than device-specific. We noticed a lot of Verizon subscribers using different devices who reported this problem sporadically for years. Please call your carrier and see if there’s something that they can help you with. SMS or text messages are temporarily stored in a network’s message center for a certain duration and from time to time, for some reason, old messages get re-transmitted.
As far as phone troubleshooting is concerned, the only things that you can do are:
• boot the phone in safe mode,
• uninstall apps or,
• try using a different messaging app.
While rare, some apps may interfere with a function of another so if you suspect that another app may be to blame, booting the phone in safe mode is a good procedure to start.

Problem #6: Galaxy S6 Edge Messaging app keeps showing 1 pending message

So i went through and I deleted or messages. At that time a friend of mine decided to text me. No big deal right? WRONG. Because now no matter what I do it seems it’ll never leave. My phone keeps saying that i have a message, it won’t leave my notification bar, and the message app has a one on it. But when I click on the message it takes me to the new message page, and I can’t delete the message because it is not there to delete. I’ve done what many pages have told me to do. I’ve forced stopped the messaging app, turned it off and on, put it on safe mode then restarted. Please help! — Haley

Solution: Hi Haley. Force stopping the app only prevents the app from running. What you need to try next is to either clear the app’s cache or data. Wiping the data is like re-installing it so you will lose your old message threads and other data being used by the operating system. Try that and you should be good to go.

Problem #7: How to forward a text message in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Hi. Originally I couldn’t forward a text and found online that I had to go into settings to set up my phone to be able to forward text messages but since the last upgrade once again I can’t forward messages and I can’t remember or find helpful tips on how to set it up again. Are you able to tell me the steps please. — Sue

Solution: Hi Sue. To forward a text message using the stock Messages app is easy. You don’t need to change any settings for this feature to work. Here’s how:
• Open Messages app.
• Tap the desired message thread.
• Tap and hold the message you want to forward.
• Tap Forward.
• Enter or select the contact’s number.
• Review or edit the message and tap SEND.
If you are using a different messaging app, the process may vary slightly.

Problem #8: How to add a signature to a SMS in Galaxy S6 Edge

No place in settings for signature. Will there ever be an options to place signatures in messages? — Jeannie

Solution: Hi Jeannie. SMS does not allow adding of signatures. We are not aware of any messaging app that allows what you want either. Adding a signature was available in the previous Android versions but not with the latest Android Lollipop. Also, this feature is carrier-specific and there are S6 and S6 Edges out there that still allows the adding of a signature to SMS even when running the most recent Android iteration.

Unlike an email, SMS is quite limited in terms of allowed characters (only 160/message is permitted) developers may have found this feature not practical. Besides, text messages screen usually display the name of contact so adding a signature may look redundant.

Samsung and Google do not usually issue a comment when adding or removing minor features so we are left guessing what’s on their mind regarding the matter.



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  1. The issue with my phone is it won’t send MMS images to anyone if I use a 3rd party messaging app … even the included Verizon messaging app.

  2. I have a Samsung S6 and have the problem with random duplicate characters getting randomly injected in to the message, sometimes after hitting the send button, so I look completely stupid to the receiver… Frustrating is an understatement…

  3. I have a problem with my galaxy s6 edge. Ever since the newest software upgrade, my screen times out when watching videos in facebook. I had to go change my option to ten minute time out so I don’t encounter this problem but it still needs to be fixed ASAP! If you have any solution for this please post a link or tell me how. I don’t want to do any kind of reset, though.

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