Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Boot Up, Battery, And Power Problems [Part 2]

S6 Edge Power part 2

Welcome to the second edition of our troubleshooter series! The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has proven itself to be as good as its predecessors although it still suffers from one of the common problems today’s smartphones have–power related troubles. If you are reading this article, you most probably are looking for solutions for similar issues. We hope that some of the solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge boot up, battery, and power problems provided here will help you.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has blinking blue LED light and won’t power on

Hello. I have a common problem with my S6 Edge. I left it on my pillow, and after 2 hours, i came back and took it in my hand. I noticed it was kind of warm, and the led indicator was flashing blue. I tried to open it by simply holding the power button. But it didn’t. So i checked your website and also tried any methods you wrote, but no luck. I am outside my country, and i will be back in 14 days, so if you can help me, i will be very happy. — Miruna

Solution: Hi Miruna. By default, the blue blinking LED light when the screen is off indicates that the phone is either voice recording or is trying to tell you of pending notifications.

If you have already tried the solutions in this post, How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide], your best course of action is to have it replaced or checked by a qualified technician.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t charge and power back on after using another charger


I was checking your website troubleshooting and I saw that couple situations you guys handled over email. Maybe I’m going to get lucky and you can help me to solve my problem.

Yesterday my phone got really hot and it self-reboot. It was about 31% energy and when it went back around 25%. I was in the middle of a work call so I didn’t pay much attention. After some 40 minutes or less, I checked my phone and it was completely dead. No signal of life. I was without my charger so I went home and started charging it.

However, even when connecting the cable, led light didn’t appear, which is scaring me the most at this point. I tried everything: Hold power button + volume down, hold power button + volume up + home.. Nothing. Phone is just dead.

To make sure my charger isn’t the problem, I have here another S4 Galaxy Mini from my company and I made and video showing the charger working for the S4 and nothing happening when connecting it to the S6 (attached).

Is there anything I can do before looking for warranty? I live in Brazil and bought this when I was at UAE (United Arab Emirates) and I have no plans to go back there.

One thing is for sure: Phone is in my hands for less than a month and I don’t have more than 25 apps installed. I will never go for Samsung again for life.

Please help me. Regards. — Vítor


Hello there! not sure if this has already happened but I’m having trouble with my Galaxy S6. For some reason it won’t charge anymore. It charged perfectly fine today. And now it won’t even charge at all. At first i thought it was the charger so i tried 3 different ones and nothing worked. finally i grabbed my original Samsung charger plugged it into another android and it worked just fine. so now im siting here thinking if i might need a new battery even though i’ve only owned it for about a month or i might have a software malfunction.  If you could get back to me that would be really helpful. I pretty much use my phone for almost everything so it’s really important that i fix this problem.

Please and Thank you.

Sincerely. — Hector

Solution: Hi Vitor and Hector. We understand your disappointment at this point but if the phone fails to boot up after charging it for at least 30 minutes, that’s a clear indication of a total battery failure. Unfortunately, the battery is non-removable, which means that you either need to have it replaced or the phone. We suggest that you visit a local Samsung shop in your place and have them simply replace the battery so you can still save your settings and personal files.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has random boot up issues

Hi. I just bought my Galaxy S6 Edge gold platinum 128GB variant SM-G925F.

Everything was going good until one day when suddenly my Fingerprint lock screen was not functioning and when I tried to unlock my phone with backup password that I gave, which started telling incorrect password. I was shocked. Then later I had to restart my phone, after which it was back to normal. Why did this problem occur? Is it one of the common problems in S6 or S6 Edge as a whole?

And other day when I took my phone to unlock by pressing power button, my display didn’t turn on for me to give my Fingerprint. I even tried pressing Home key and still my display didn’t turn on. I could  only see a blue light blinking every 3 second in the notification bar. I wasn’t able to power off my mobile too after pressing and holding the power key for more than a min. Was not able to bring my phone to recovery mode too. Then finally I was able to bring my phone to Download mode and have to press the volume down key which will restart my device and then the problem solved. Please explain why did I have these problems . Are these common or some serious issues so that I will have to change my device. — Sai

Solution: Hi Sai. There are a lot of ways a smartphone can go wrong. In your case, it appears that this is a general firmware issue. This means that we may never be able to pinpoint the exact problem. An issue like yours can also be caused by malware or faulty third party applications. If you continue to experience these problems, consider wiping the phone via factory reset.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen won’t turn on after wireless charging


I’m having an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S6 device. I charged the mobile overnight on a wireless charger and when I woke this morning to check my mobile the screen won’t come on when I press the home key, power key or a combination of the power and volume keys to try restart or turn on/off the phone. There is also a permanent green LED indicator light at the top of the phone. Any advice on how to rectify this would be much appreciated as the phone is approx 6 weeks old.

Kind regards. — Ciaran

Solution: Hi Ciaran. If the phone shows a solid green LED light, that’s an indicator that the battery has been fully charged.

First, try to boot the phone in Safe Mode. If a third party app is the cause, powering up the phone in safe mode may help you confirm that. While in diagnostic (safe mode), third party apps will be prevented from running so you can uninstall them easily. If you downloaded an update or installed an app before you notice the problem, doing this procedure will easily help you isolate the root cause of this trouble.

Second, try to see if you can force the phone to boot up in recovery mode  so you can either clear the cache partition and/or do a factory reset.

If these solutions won’t help, you want to have your phone replaced or repaired.


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Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge randomly turns off by itself

Hi, I’ve had my S6 Edge for 1 month and lately, the phone freeze and turned off by itself while i was using it. It didn’t happen very often, but as time passed by, it started to happen more often. Yesterday i updated the software to Android 5.1.1 and the update did not fix the problem. Today i wiped out cache, which did not fix the problem either, and i did a factory reset. After the factory reset, the phone is turning off by itself very often, but the difference is that now it turns off by itself when it is not used. It turns off on after about 1 hour if i don’t use it at all and also it turns off by itself overnight. It works fine when i’m using it, but after a while if it is not used, it just turns off, and it won’t start if i hold the power button. I have to hold the power button and the down volume key to start it, and sometime it doesn’t start at all despite everything i do. I have to wait more than one hour to finally make it start by holding those buttons again.

I have never dropped the phone and i have very few apps installed. I use the phone for business purpose, not for playing games or installing all sort of apps on it.  Do you have any idea if there is anything i could do ? Or i should just send it to warranty ?

Thank you ! — Emanuel

Solution: Hi Emanuel. Clearing the cache, doing a factory reset, uninstalling apps, etc are meant to help isolate or solve possible firmware issues. Having done them all means that the issue may actually be hardware in nature. If you still have a replacement warranty on it, we suggest that you use it right away.

Problem #6: Fast charging on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not work

Hello there. I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to Android Lollipop 5.1.1. After this update my phone have been lagging quite a lot, but that’s not the biggest problem. My S6 refuses to fast charge. It does say that it’s normally charging, but it really doesn’t. It drains battery faster than it charges, even with the phone turned off! (most of the time). I manage to at least get my phone to 20% battery sometimes, but it takes hours. I’m wondering if the problem is my charging cable, or the phone itself? I tried using my Samsung Galaxy S3 charging cable, but it still refused to charge. I have tried wiping the cache in my phone, Should I try a factory reset? — Leon

Solution: Hi Leon. There are a few things you need to consider to take advantage of fast charging feature in your phone.

  • Ensure that the charger you are using supports Adaptive fast charging feature or Quick Charge 2.0. The stock Galaxy S6 Edge charger already has this feature so stick with it. Using a standard battery charger won’t help.
  • Turn off the screen. Fast charging won’t work if the screen is on. To attain fast charging, turn the device off completely.
  • Avoid hot areas when charging. To prevent battery and device damage, your S6 is equipped with a feature that automatically ceases the charging process if the ambient air temperature reaches a certain point.

Now, if all these conditions are met, you may be right in your suspicion that the battery has gone bad. Go get a replacement.

Problem #7: How to recover personal files from a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that suddenly stops working

Hi. I’ve been reading some of your help solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phones that won’t turn on and tried them but still nothing.

 My problem: Woke up in the morning went to check the time on my phone and it wasn’t going. I thought this was weird as it was at 70% battery life when i went to sleep and no internet was running. I put my phone on charge the light didn’t come on and also phone didn’t turn on. My phone is 1 1/2 months old and i take really good care of it as it cost so much. Does this sound like a hardware problem? I’m really worried I’m going to lose all my pictures i have taken while I’m overseas

 Please help. — Kylie

Solution: Hi Kylie. If you have been reading the tips above, your issue appears similar to some of the mentioned problems. If the suggested solutions won’t work, you may have a hardware problem at hand.

Should you consider having the phone serviced, try to check first if someone can simply replace the battery so you can retain your files.

Before doing so, try to check as well if you can have a computer access the phone’s storage device via a USB cable. If it can, it’s your chance to create a back up of all your files. While the chances of this happening is slim, it’s still worth doing in my opinion.



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