Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SD, MicroSD Card Issues [Part 1]

As smartphones become powerful and inexpensive, we have began to rely on one little ubiquitous thing to store memories, files, and tiny sources of pleasures — the SD card. They have become so common place and useful to our daily digital life that losing them can have devastating effect. It comes as no surprise when we find ourselves panicking every time we got that message that it has become unreadable.  If you are experiencing SD card issues on your Note 4, just keep on reading.

Note 4 SD card

Welcome to our first post that covers Note 4 SD card problems. We have 4 interesting cases today that might help you now or in the near future. We are going to expand this troubleshooting series as we continue to receive more SD card-related issues from you. If you have similar concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us via email (link provided below).


Problem #1: The best SD card for Note 4

Hello, I have two Galaxy Notes, a 2 and my new 4. I’m keeping both for a backup, & have separate lines, both are stock. V.4.1.2 on the GN2, & v.4.4 on the GN4.

(1) Re: minor issue on this site on the Drippler app using the GN4. I am writing to you for the 1st time on the GN4, and noticed that I can’t click up your “mailbag” email; it just does something weird. Also, it won’t copy it. Instead I searched for your email from when I previously wrote you regarding my GN2. I don’t know if this is on my end or something about the GN4? I didn’t have this problem on the GN2.

(2) The main problem is I can’t get an answer from either Samsung or Sprint, nor can I find it online, re: the precise usable limits of the micro-SD card in either the GN4 or the GN2. Especially the GN4. I have called over a dozen times between the two, especially Samsung & they can’t/won’t nail down a firm & believable answer. In fact, I’ve been misinformed a few times, but fortunately I already knew those answers were incorrect. I already knew the limit on the GN4 was 128GB, and 64GB for the GN2. I think it’s pretty well established that the GN2 only makes use of up to Class 10. While the GN4, since it apparently doesn’t have the physical 2nd row of pins, can’t make any use of UHS-II speeds & would default to UHS-I. But within UHS-I, there are, if my memory serves me right, 500x & 633x speeds. Samsung, which built the darn thing, apparently has no idea which of these they put in there, or at least they didn’t know, as of my last call a few weeks ago, which they still haven’t returned, despite their promise.

I want the fastest & biggest & best micro-SD card spec for the GN4 & perhaps for the GN2, that it can actually make use of, but without paying for any level beyond that, since it would be wasted.

Also, just an idle question. Is there any way to use the GN2 as an extra screen, especially wirelessly, like the multi monitor setups in Windows? I’ve looked for an app for that till I’m blue in the face.

Btw, re: the issue I wrote to you before about, the infuriating dialog box that demanded that I update Android, which I refused to do because of the tattling of Knox; sometime last fall it quit being sent to me, or Sprint or someone turned it off. So they DO have control over it. I still haven’t upgraded, even though I would love to. I’m actually an update freak, but even though I haven’t rooted yet either, and rooting is what the “carrier contamination” of Knox is designed to tattle on you about; I won’t update till I can be sure of some other things.

And besides at this point, they bothered me so much with the damn dialog box that I refuse to give them the satisfaction.

Besides, the newer versions of Google Maps completely suck, versus the barely tolerable, but still better v6.14.2. And if I updated at this point, I would have to put up with the new sucky Google Maps.

As for the GN4 update, due to everyone complaining about battery life & memory leaks, I’m waiting for v.5.11 or v.5.2…unless they start bothering me to update with another dialog box, in which case I might refuse to ever update, at least until I’m confident enough to root.

To summarize, the main problem I’m writing about was the questions about which micro-SD cards to get, the max specs in every way that the phones can actually make use of. Thanks. — Anonymous

Solutions: Hi Anonymous. Let’s answer your main concern first.

How to choose the right SD card

Keep in mind that the important thing to consider when choosing an SD card is HOW you are  planning to use it. Specifications come second. Using an ultra fast SD card on your device becomes capriciously useless if all you need to do is snap a single photo of your food during weekends. You might as well just use the slowest, cheapest SD card.

Assuming you love taking photos fast (bust mode), or take high-resolution videos as a hobby, you have to adjust your SD card pick accordingly.

Capacity-wise, the Note 4 is designed to support up to a 128GB SD card. If you are a pack rat in terms of photos, videos, or any files, you should get the biggest GBs in your SD cards.

Samsung recommends that you have a minimum of Class 6 SD cards (with a write speed of 6MBps) on their flagship devices like the Note 4. This minimum works quite well among many average users who are not very particular in terms of speed when capturing photos or recording videos.

For those who want to capture moments in a hurry using their Note 4, like a fast-paced basketball action or a graceful Double Tour, consider getting SD cards with faster “write” speed, denoted either by a UHS icon or Speed Class icon. Write speed, as the name suggest, is the rate of how fast a device can write on the card. The faster your card is, the faster it can save a high resolution file and be ready again to take another photo. A Class 2 card has a write speed of 2MBps, a Class 4 has 4MBps, and so on. A UHS-1 labeled SD card has a minimum write speed of 10MBps while UHS-3 has 30MBps.

Generally, you are better off using Class 10 SD card from Samsung like this one  as it boasts of up to 20MBps write speed with your phone’s UHS-1 bus interface. If you want to use other brands, there are plenty of choices from other reputable brands like Lexar, SanDisk, Panasonic, etc.

Your Note 4’s built-in memory has a minimum write speed of around 20-30MBps so don’t forget to use it if you need a much better high performance storage device.

Drippler email link to TheDroidGuy Mailbag not working

Our mailbag email like the one provided below is a hyperlink, which means that your phone’s mail client should come out when you click on it. If that’s not happening or if you cannot copy a content within Drippler app itself, it must be an issue with Drippler. Consider contacting the developer so they become aware of the problem. Drippler is not our app by the way; they only use our content.

Can a Note 2 be used as a second monitor?

We’re not aware of any app offering this capability at this time.

Control over when to send Android update notifications

This is a carrier specific question so it must be best answered by Sprint customer support team. We are not sure if there’s an expiration or duration when update notifications stop for a certain carrier. If you want to disable automatic Android update notification though, you can change it under Settings>About device.

Battery drain issue on Note 4

This post  may help you with some of your battery issues.

Problem #2: What causes an SD card to get corrupted

Hi. Have a Note 4. Bought a Samsung 64GB SD card from Amazon. When I move/copy videos from phone to the SD card they are corrupted. When move/copy from phone memory or a pc, videos are corrupt. Sometimes nothing plays. sometimes plays few seconds then crashes. Strange thing is that RIGHT AFTER formatting SD card I can move/copy videos with no problem but after that all get corrupted. Please help. I also randomly see that images moved/copied to SD card are corrupted. Would appreciate your help. Thanks. — E.M.

Solution: Hi E.M. Please refer to this previously published explanation why SD cards get corrupted: Problem #4: What causes an SD card to get corrupted?

Problem #3: Photos stored in SD card appear half blocked

When the photos are taken they are fine but then they appear half blocked out like the attached photo. The photos are stored on the SD card. — Peter

Solution: Hi Peter. The issue may not be coming from the SD card itself. Try clearing the Gallery app’s cache and data and see how it goes. If you are using a third party camera app, you can also delete it’s cache and app.

Problem #4: Note 4 missing live lock screen wallpaper after an SD card was inserted

Hello. I have the Note 4 for about a week now and after my husband put a SD card in it now my phone won’t let me put live weather as wallpaper for the lock screen. I don’t get it as it was there on my phone before he added the SD card and now it’s gone. It allows me to choose it for the lock screen but it just comes out gray. Please help me. I loved that wallpaper it was so pretty. Thank you have a nice day. Laura 🙂 — Laura

Solution: Hi Laura. We need answers for these questions first before we can assist you effectively:

  • Are you having trouble selecting the Lock screen option under Settings?
  • Were you using a third party app to set up your lock screen before?
  • Was the app installed in your phone’s internal memory or to an SD card?

Please get back to us with answers so we can give you solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SD, MicroSD Card issues. Thanks!

In the meantime, you may want to try using this terrific Minima Live Wallpaper app.




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