Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery, Boot Up Issues

Note 4 battery and boot up problems are some of the often reported troubles to us so this post is a good start to ensure that the Android community is made aware of them.

Note 4 case
We are aware that the Note 4 is a battery hog, thanks to its powerful screen and other factors, so we offer simple tips for those who always have their battery comes up short.

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Problem #1: Defective battery randomly reboots the phone

I have had my Note 4 for about 30 days. 6 times it just shut down when using it. There is nothing you do to boot it back up unless you plug it into a charger. It shows battery charging and within seconds turns on. My battery charge is at 91%. Any ideas why this is happening?  — Thomas

Solution: Hi Thomas. If a new Note 4 reboots on its own that should tell you that something must be really wrong either with the hardware or software. Start by checking the software side.

Safe Mode. Some applications can sometimes mess up other apps of your phone’s firmware. Booting it up in Safe Mode helps by forcing the phone to run first party apps only. While in this state, we suggest that you take the time to update all your apps. Then observe the phone for a few hours. If it continues to reboot on its own again, proceed to the next.

Take out the SD card. Bad SD cards have been known to cause this problem. Make sure that you turn the phone off completely before taking the SD card out, then let the phone run again for a few hours.

Perform a factory reset. If you still suspect that the issue may be software in nature or if the problem happens after updating or installing something, consider performing a factory reset to restore the phone to its original state. Afterwards, make sure to give ample time to observe how the phone behaves after installing each of your individual third party apps. This may appear time consuming but if any of your apps right now is the culprit, you have no other choice than do this.

Try another battery. If you notice slight deformation or bulge in the battery, that’s a telltale sign of failing power source. Consider getting a new one if that’s the case.

Get a replacement phone. If you can’t isolate the problem, getting a new phone is the best cure.

Problem #2: How to fix Note 4 battery drain problem

Dear Droid Guy. I have just recently switched to this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone–which everyone said was so wonderful –from an iPhone. To be honest, this phone is a hot mess. I hate it. it drops calls all the time, people  tell me that they can’t hear me or that I sound as though I’m in a tunnel. I use this for business so this is a huge issue for me. There is no way to block calls and while I am on the phone the screen changes continually, blinking on and off. These are only the problems I’m having with the calling features.

I really don’t know where to begin as to any of the other uses it has. It is unnecessarily complicated to operate. It has to go through numerous screens to get to where I want to go. The “great battery” they said it had is constantly being drained by apps that are on in the background. I simply don’t have the time or patience to continually go into it and close the many windows it opens on its own.

I find this phone to be extremely unstable and unpredictable (I would give anything to get my iPhone back). I happen to be computer savvy, which would be a requirement for even owning this thing. But who wants to be fixing and rebooting  and trying to figure out how to get back to where you were all day. I haven’t even had a chance to try half of these terrific features yet, but to be honest, I have lost totally interest at this point as I feel as though anything I do on this will only cause me More aggravation.

Also, is there any decent spell check on this thing? If any phone should come with a Manuel it is this one.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated as I still have 2 years left on my contract with this monster.

Thanks. — Ellyn

Solution: Hi Ellyn. We understand how disappointing this whole experience may have been to you. Let’s try to see if we can make everything work out for you by doing the following potential solutions:

Work with your carrier/service provider regarding your calling issues

First, it is important that your carrier knows you have calling problems. We rarely hear problems with Note 4 having microphone issue so it is logical to work things out with your service provider to check for any network problems or interference that might affect the device in your current location. Most of the time, calling issues like the one that you have can be resolved by them. If they will say that their network is fine, then that usually leads to phone replacement, which they can also help you with.

Solutions for fast battery drain problem

The 5.7-inch display of your Note 4 is a power hungry beast. If lit for longer periods on full brightness (like over 30 minutes at a stretch), you will definitely find yourself charging the phone in the middle of the day without fail. Advanced as it may seem, your Note 4’s greatest weakness is its battery. To be fair, this truth is true for any smartphone in the planet today. Even the vaunted iPhone 6 Plus suffers the same fate as yours. Sadly, there’s nothing much that a user can do to change the chemistry behind the mechanism that makes your battery work. The best thing that you can do is to be smart about how to user your phone. That means tweaking some settings and changing usage preferences to extend the life of the battery in any given day. Start by lowering brightness of the screen to the lowest comfortable setting possible. After that, head to Settings>Battery and take a look at the usage. In this screen, try to identify what app or service is using more power so you can turn the app that drains most of your phone’s power.

For more information on the basics of battery power management, you can check our previous post about it. The article was originally written for S5 users but the basics are fully applicable to any Android smartphone.

Note 4 spell checker

The only thing that comes close to what you want is the stock keyboard’s predictive text and Advanced settings. To check, just follow these steps:

  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key (the button on the left side of the Home button).
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap My Device.
  • Tap Language and Input.
  • Tap the Settings icon next to Samsung Keyboard.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Configure/Enable what you want.

We hope that these solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery, boot Up issues can help you in some way. Let us know if you any other concerns.

Problem #3: Battery drain issue after updating Note 4

Hello guys. These are my issues after the upgrade. The abnormal energy drain, 1he 51 minutes left of usage at 49 percent battery life. Playing music on any player crashes phone, doesn’t matter where music files located. Have done a clear of cache but not a factory reset. Hopefully someone figured it out. Cheers. — Fan

It seems like my power saving mode on my note 4 isn’t working. Like my battery used to last all day long but since the update it’s been dying faster. People say to factor reset it but i don’t want to lose everything and it not work. What should i do? — Anthony

Solution: Hi Fan. If problems started appearing after an update, kindly delete the phone’s cache partition first then proceed to factory reset if nothing works.

Anthony and Fan: for your battery drain issue, please follow the general guidelines we offer to Ellyn above.

Problem #4: OTA causes battery problems on Note 4, Multiple issues after updating to Lollipop

To whom it may concern. Under KitKat, my Note 4 was functioning perfectly. GPS directed me perfectly. After the OTA update:

  1. “GPS Signal Lost” repeatedly during a commute to San Diego from Escondido California, and all throughout San Diego. It was so bad that by the time (repeatedly) the GPS locked on again, I had overshot my turn. I had to rely on a friend and his memory of the side streets to get to my location. The GPS/Google maps use was completely destroyed by the update.
  2. “Bluetooth disconnected”, for no reason, WITHOUT moving, with phone in hand and earpiece in ear. Repeatedly.
  3. Battery doesn’t last as long.
  4. Phone heats up, and I mean almost hot. Never ever did I have any of these issue. Same apps.
  5. Sluggish with delays. Sometimes I think the phone locked, but it re-awakens from whatever state it was in.

I read your report on this, and I didn’t see these specific issues addressed.

It’s like my Note 4 was completely thrashed by Sprints OTA push without any way to go back. There outta be a law against them forcing these updates without properly debugging the software and disallowing a revert to the prior working state.

Ok… Seems I’m not alone in these issues either. — John

Solution: Hi John. After months of dealing with all sorts of problems, we realize that a major firmware update like the switch from KitKat to Lollipop can lead to

anything. The best course of action in your case here is to delete the cache partition, then perform a complete wipe (factory reset). Afterwards, be choosy with your apps. Make sure that each one is fully updated to the most recent version.

For individual apps, you can actually experiment by uninstalling  each of their updates to see if the previous, un-updated version is more stable.

We also noticed that deleting Google Services Framework data works well in resolving Google Map or GPS issue in the past (for the S4) so you try to do that before performing a factory reset. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Application Manager.
  • Scroll to and tap All tab.
  • Select Google Services Framework.
  • Select Clear Data.



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