Solutions for Galaxy S4 Keyboard, Input Problems [Part 1]

Keyboard issues are some of the most annoying problems any Android user may encounter. It’s not surprising that they are also some of the most common problems we receive from our loyal readers. Today, we give you six different issues and how to fix them.

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Problem #1: Predictive text missing after updating Galaxy S4 to Android Lollipop

Hello. I upgraded my S4 i9500 to Android 5.0.1. It worked perfectly but I was getting some errors like contact storage stopped, Galaxy app stopped, etc. Then I did the factory reset and everything went back to normal. But after that the predictive text panel that shows on top of the keyboard as disappeared and the predictive text is enabled in the keyboard settings. — Aremu

Solution: Hi Aremu. If predictive text appears to fail after a factory reset, that may be normal actually. Keep in mind that it will take some typing and time for this feature to predict words you commonly use.

To put it simply, keyboard prediction only uses words that you have typed and are stored in a custom dictionary somewhere in the phone’s memory. Once you start typing, keyboard prediction kicks in by attempting to offer you words (already stored in its dictionary or those you have used previously) that you probably have in mind. You are then given three options in this case:

  • accept the suggestion,
  • ignore the suggestion and let it remain as is,
  • add it to your custom dictionary.

Doing the third option instantly trains the system while accepting the suggested word tells it that the word is incorrect. The next time you try to type it, predictive text will provide the same set of suggestions.

However, if predictive totally stops working after using your phone for some time, you can start isolating the problem by doing safe mode. Because Android update can mess up any system uniquely, there’s no telling from our part if the predictive text problem you have is one such result. Booting in safe mode forces the phone to run only stable, first party apps. If a third party application is causing this, you won’t be able to replicate the issue, that is, predictive text should work, while in safe mode.

Uninstalling third party applications, especially those that may require some keyboard input may help as well.

If all else fails, you may want to try using third party keyboard as a remedy.

Problem #2: Cannot switch to another input mode

Hello. I found your email address while searching solution for the problem of input mode of my new S4. In fact, I chose to add several input mode — the English, French and Chinese. But there’s only English input on the keyboard and no way to switch among languages. I checked many times in settings. They do say that I’ve chosen 3 input languages but once in keyboard input mode there’s no way to change.

Can you please help me? Thanks a lot. — Jin


Solution: Hi Jin. If you are using the stock Samsung keyboard, you can easily switch between your chosen languages by swiping your finger across the space bar when typing. If that won’t work, try resetting the settings of your Samsung keyboard by selecting Reset settings under options.

Problem #3: Random commas appear on text messages and Facebook post when typing

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has just randomly started adding commas to my text messages or Facebook posts.  I’m going nowhere, near, the comma on my keyboard.  Any idea why? I left them in this text so you can see what I mean. — Teri

Solution: Hi Teri. If you type fast, try slowing down a bit to see if that will help. Doing so would allow the system to come up with the correct word you are typing and hopefully prevent random commas from appearing in your text.

Just like Jin above, you can try to reset your keyboard settings to its factory values if nothing works.

Or you may try to use third party keyboards if you wish.

Problem #4: Multiple issues after updating Galaxy S4 including keyboard not learning new words

Hello. I apologize in advance if these issues have been mentioned/resolved before. However, I am having a few issues with my S4 and am wondering if you may have the answers.

First off, I have an S4 with Android version 4.4.2 and service from Verizon (if that matters).

The first problem I noticed quite some time ago is that the keyboard no longer “learns” as it used to when I first received it. I can no longer have it learn words that I want it to remember, nor will it suggest words that I have used after certain other words in the past. For example, if I were to wish someone happy birthday, I would say “Hey happy birthday”. In the past, I would just have to type “H” or whatever else I needed to get “Hey” and it would then show in the suggestion box “happy” and then “birthday”. Now I have to type out the whole thing, which isn’t a big deal, I’m just providing an example. An example for learning words is if I wanted to say “suck” it would correct it to “sock” or something. In the past I would use the arrow in the suggestion box to make the phone learn that I meant “suck” and it wouldn’t question my use of it again. Now, if I tell it to learn “suck”, it will still try to correct it if I try to use it again in the future.

Another issue I am having is that my email will no longer automatically refresh my inbox. I used to get notifications for both the email and Gmail applications, but now I no longer get notifications from either. In order to see if I received a new email, I have to open the application and refresh it in order to see any new email messages.

I’m also having an issues with the “air view” in my email. I used to be able to hover my finger over an email and preview it. Now when I try, I just get another little check box and that’s it, no more preview.

The Watch On TV Remote also no longer shows up in my notification panel even though the option is On in the application settings. I don’t recall what happened when I first noticed, but this happened about a month ago.

My phone has sometimes automatically restarted on its own, which I’ve seen is a common issue, but it may be because I only have a little over 2GB left of memory on the device. It only seems to restart if it’s doing something difficult, the last time it happened I was scrolling quickly through my Gallery with 1,000+ pictures.

I believe those are the only big issues my phone is currently having, I understand it’s a fair amount but I appreciate any help! Please let me know if there’s any more information I can provide.

Thank you. — Steve

Solution: Hi Steve. Did you notice these problems after updating your phone or after installing an app? They don’t appear to connected to each other at all, which is an indication that the real cause may be a firmware malfunction. In general, it’s good if you can simply restore the phone to its factory defaults to make sure that we have eliminated a possible firmware problem. You can continue troubleshooting individual problems though by following our suggestions below:

Keyboard not learning new words anymore. Kindly refer to the solutions we suggest to Aremu above on how to fix predictive text issue.

Email not syncing. If an email app suddenly stops syncing on its own, try to clear its cache and data. You may also end up configuring your email account again after doing so.

Air view not working. Air view feature depends on the state of its sensor as well as the firmware that allows it run as perceived by users. We need to isolate which of these two are malfunctioning. We believe though that the same reason causing the email app not to sync is also affecting the air view function. Deleting the email app’s cache and data looks all the more imperative here.

Watch On TV Remote stopped working. Try to set up the app again after deleting its app and data. WatchOn app is a solid one so it should work again after the new setup process.

Phone randomly rebooting on its own. If your phone randomly reboots on its own, that may suggest there’s a hardware issue behind.

Problem #5: Keyboard closes when trying to type a message in WhatsApp

Hi Guys. I have recently downloaded the app Drippler and I am amazed by the content it provides. I have lots of other apps too like Flipboard, new Reader’s Digest which I use to read technology news.. but this is the best for the real technology news. I liked the article ‘Best apps for Android’ and a recent article on Team Viewer for mobile. Well coming to the point.

For a long time I was facing a problem with my S4. Whenever i use mobile data network particularly 2G networks , my screen flicks a lot of times and with this i will not be able to message continuously on WhatsApp or any other application. I mean while using WhatsApp my screen flicks and the keyboard closes . Then I have to tap again on the box and get back to typing. This really irritates me a lot. i cannot even take a screenshot of it to show you as the flick is just a short moment.

Also while on calls the screen flicks as if it is entering the S view mode. I just don’t understand what should be done to stop this. Please help. Regards. — Naresh

Solution: Hi Naresh. This WhatsApp behavior usually happens if your phone does not get a stable or strong internet connection. This has been observed by other users before so make sure that you are either connected to a Wi-Fi network or to more powerful mobile data network like 3G or 4G.

If your internet connection is not the problem, try to clear WhatsApp’s cache and data.

Problem #6: How to install emojis to Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard

Hi. Recently i notice that my Galaxy S4 didn’t have the emoji keyboard. it is not showing when i hold the microphone key. Is there any way i can get it? Android 4.4.2 😀 — Maria

Solution: Hi Maria. To enable emojis in your keyboard, your phone must be updated to at least Android 4.2.2. We think your phone right now may be running Android 4.4 or 5.0 so you should be good. Should you want to check it though, you can go to Settings>More>About Device>Software Version.

After verifying the phone’s operating system version, kindly follow these steps:

  • open your Messaging app and tap the microphone icon
  • Tap the smiley face icon to pull up the emoji keyboard.
  • You should see a variety of emojis after tapping the smiley icon.

If you will not get anything after tapping the microphone icon, we suggest that use a third party app like Handcent to be able to use emojis.


That’s basically it. We hope to have provided effective solutions for Galaxy S5 keyboard, input problems in this post. Don’t forget to use the email below if you have any questions or feedback for us.


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  1. I had to go onto my laptop to express that I cannot use my Galaxy 4 keyboard at all it will not come up. And there is no way to fix it. I even tried to return it to factory settings and it won’t open the keyboard.

  2. I have read all of these helpful tips on how to fix the keyboards on the Samsung S4, but unfortunately none are working for me. My keyboard worked fine in the morning, then 2 hrs later it no longer types any words. I have tried clearing the data/cache, resetting it…Nothing! Any ideas?

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