Solavei Offers An Updated Version Of The iPhone 5

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An email came recently from Kim Puckett who is the Senior Account Executive of the PR firm BLASTmedia. She informed us that an enhanced version of the iPhone 5 is now being offered by Solavei.

In her email to us, the new version of Apple’s new flagship smartphone will come equipped with benefits that will surely please every iPhone enthusiasts out there, including you.

One of the key features of the new version of the iPhone 5 is that it is custom fit to go perfectly with the Solavei network. Among the key benefits of this is being able to access high-speed data that can go from 1700 up to 2100 bands.

Sure, this sounds great. But what if your location does not offer the 1700 to 2100 bands? Don’t worry; the cool thing about the new iPhone 5 from Solavei will let you avail of these bands even if your home market does not offer the 1900 band yet.

All you have to do is shell out $699 and you will be able to get the new iPhone 5 version from Solavei. It does not tie you up with a specific carrier, so you are free to choose which one you prefer to use. But with a Solavei membership and a minimal fee of $49 monthly, you can already enjoy unlimited calls, no limit for SMS and all-you-can-get data for going online.

That’s really amazing because the no contract offer will let you shop around for better deals and promos from other networks. You are free to change SIM cards also whenever you are travelling outside the country to eliminate roaming charges.

On the other hand, the unlimited features will let you get in touch with your relatives, friends or people in your inner circle anytime and as often as you want. There’s no need to worry anymore about draining your credits and paying for excess hours or messages while communicating with others.

Next, the high-speed data that you can get will let you visit social media sites and check out other websites that you are interested in without any restrictions and without any hassle in terms of access. Downloading or uploading files will be made easily too with this awesome feature.

The new version of the iPhone 5 comes with a SIM card from Solavei. It has preloaded settings already which will enable you to use it right away upon getting your unit out of its box.

About Solavei

Solavei centers on providing unlimited communication features with ultrafast 4G network based on T-Mobile technology. As mentioned earlier, the cost for their services amounts to $49 only. In addition, they do not bind their clients with contracts like most other networks.

According to the website of the company, they do not spend much on printed and TV ads. Rather, they rely mainly on client referrals, which is also a scheme that clients will find profitable. This means that simply referring Solavei to your family, friends and other people will let you gain income. All you have to do is sign up for membership on the company’s official website.

Sources: email from BLASTmedia and Solavei website