Softbank acquisition of Sprint approved by US Justice Department


The Softbank acquisition of Sprint has been a long process for the Japanese carrier, with the US Justice Department stepping in to check any security concerns with the deal.

However, the department has dropped its delay on the merger and now the FCC is the only US institution that needs to approve the deal, before Softbank can send the $20.1 billion over to Sprint.

The question is, are all the investors still on Softbank’s side? Dish offered a pretty compelling new offer, $25.5 billion for Sprint. Dish is also in the ClearWire bidding, alongside Sprint.

These issues will need to be settled before the Sprint buyout can be completed. Dish is in a rough position, with Sprint owning a lot of share in ClearWire business and Softbank already owning shares in Sprint’s business.

For Dish to get anything out of these deals, both Softbank and Sprint have to accept they lose their shares, something we doubt they are going to do open handily.

Source: ComputerWorld