Socialize Giving Away $2500 In Timed Developer Challenge

Socialize Inc is giving away $2500 (with a chance for an extra $500) to the developer that can install the socialize SDK in an iOS or Android app  the fastest. They’ve also announced if a developer can download the SDK, get it in an app and then get the app published in an app store before the end of the contest period they’ll kick in an extra $500 dollars.

The contest ends at 11:59pm PDT on August 31 2011. On Friday a woman by the name of Jamie who just learned to code was the front runner at one minute and one second. The leader on Saturday is David Goeman’s who was able to implement the socialize SDK in just 37 seconds.

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Socialize (at is a free social layer for app developers to integrate social networks and social media into your apps.  Socialize lets you engage your users and trigger natural sharing and growth in very organic ways.

Socialize allows app developers to interactive and gauge the interest graph of the user rather than just the “who” of who they are.

The meat and potatoes of the Socialize layar is this philosophy:

Socialize believes that a person’s interests are more meaningful than who they are, and gives the world a way to navigate those interests. How many people do you never connect with because you don’t realize what interests you share?

The best part about this contest and Socialize in general is the fact that you need no real experience in coding anything. If you have an idea you can use Socialize’s easy “app makr” tool to design your own app in minutes and then integrate it with socialize.

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  1. Kyle, thanks for sharing.  The direct URL to the SDK Challenge is .  Good luck everyone! – DROdio

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