Snoball, Perhaps The Easiest Way To Donate Money (From TechCrunch Disrupt)

Here’s another great idea that came from TechCrunch Disrupt this week at Pier 94 in New York City.  TDG’s Cameron Wright came running down Start Up Alley on Tuesday to tell me about Snoball saying that it was “Bad Ass”, so of course I had to go find out what Snoball is.

Snoball is a new website that allows users to set up the ability to donate to their favorite charity by doing things they do in everyday life. Snoball starts when you sign up at and create your own profile.  From there you create rules as to what you want to do to trigger your donation and how much you want to donate.  You can make up your own rules or do them based off a tweet or foursquare check in.

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For example you can set up a rule for everytime you check in on Foursquare at Starbucks. It can be as simple as $.50 cents. So everytime you check-in at Starbucks you donate 50 cents to say your local food bank or one of over 1.6 million charities in their database.  It’s that simple and a rule can be set up for anything.

Then the social networking part kicks in. Your friends who also sign up for snoball can view the rules that you’ve made. If they like the rule than they can join the rule, so everytime they check-in to Starbucks they too donate $.50 cents to the foodbank.  After a bunch of people join the same rule in your town, that local Starbucks can participate as well. When the establishment participates they can agree to match each of the donations.  Soon, through social media sno-balling that charity is getting $500 a month and no one is even thinking about it.

You can turn the rules on and off for yourself too, so if you need or want to take a break or change charities you can.

Snoball disclosed right off the bat that 95% of the donation goes to the charity.  The other 5% is divided in half with 2.5% going to the credit card company and the other 2.5% keeping the lights on and paying the operating bills for Snoball.

Want to sign up, sure you do, go here now

** we’ve made up our first rule, go to and search for thedroidguy. Our rule is simple, anytime we check into a cellphone carrier store we will donate $1.00 to cellphones for soldiers.

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