Slow email sync process for Galaxy S6, other app issues

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We’ve compile today some of the #Samsung #GalaxyS6 app issues shared to us by our community. Some of the questions don’t necessarily require a solution but we provide explanations nevertheless to guide other Android users.

These are the specific topics discussed in this article:

  1. Galaxy S6 contacts linking with others automatically
  2. Galaxy S6 music tracks are not being displayed in car stereo
  3. Galaxy S6 not syncing emails automatically
  4. Facebook contacts not being displayed on Galaxy S6
  5. Slow email sync process for Galaxy S6
  6. Comparison between Galaxy S5 and S6 photo shots

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Problem #1: Galaxy S6 contacts linking with others automatically

Over the past week some of my contacts are automatically linking. They are not related and I did not link them. When they are linked, only one of the names is visible so I can be calling or texting the wrong person, i.e. Brenda is embedded in Patt’s contact. Brenda has been removed from my contact list and Patt’s has her phone number and Brenda’s listed as though it belongs to Patt. If I choose the number that belongs to Brenda, it shows as Patt on my phone when calling or texting.

If I search for Brenda, the contact is not found. However, when I try to add Brenda again, I am told that she is already a contact.

Very frustrating because I don’t know who or when it will happen again. I went through my contacts and made sure none were linked and I had two random ones linked yesterday.

Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks. — Joyce

Solution: Hi Joyce. Have you tried deleting the cache of the Contacts app? If no, please do so. Afterwards, make sure that you also clear the phone’s cache partition. Here are the steps to do these things:

How to clear an app’s cache

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Choose the name of the app that has been going rogue.
  • From there, you will see the Clear Cache button.

How to wipe the cache partition

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, and Power key.
  • When the phone vibrates, release the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  • Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  • Press the Power key to select.
  • When the wipe cache partition is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  • Press the Power key to restart the device.

These procedures are meant to address outdated or corrupted cache problem on either the Contacts app or the phone. If nothing happens, make sure to do a factory reset, then add the contacts again.

Problem #2: Galaxy S6 music tracks are not being displayed in car stereo

When I had my old phone (Galaxy S4) my phone could connect to my car stereo (Honda Civic) and all track list and artist details would be displayed. Following an update this was no longer the case, with the car still being able to connect and play music but no song information was displayed. I had hoped that with the purchase of my new phone (Galaxy S6) that the track list information would reappear but this is not the case. I have used the stock music played, have not downloaded any apps to do with music. I have even removed all my music and re-added it in case there was a formatting error with file names but the problem remains. — Katie

Solution: Hi Katie. The problem may be related to the Bluetooth systems running on your phone and on your car infotainment system. We’ve seen a lot of cases like yours happening and the most likely culprit is an outdated Bluetooth infotainment in vehicles. Try to call your car manufacturer or dealer and see if there’s a way for you to update the Bluetooth system in your car.

For more explanation about this topic, please refer to this post.

Problem #3: Galaxy S6 not syncing emails automatically

Dears, I have been sending you my issue for the last 10 days but without any response. Please consider responding ASAP. Below is the message sent again.

1- Email does not sync automatically. I have to manually refresh inbox for newly received messages. When sync email check box is selected, a text display saying “master sync has been disabled” (weird). When unchecked the text displayed “sync disabled” (normal).

2- Contacts is behaving irrationally. when adding a new contact, for example “Dr Sami” it should be and used to be stored under letter D. For the last 3 months it does not act this way, instead the contact saved under letter S. I am ending up now with a handful of names sorted incorrectly.

Another issue is getting duplicated contacts (2,3, or 4 accounts for the same contact). I have no idea why it behaves this way. Is it because of accessing such a contact from other apps like Whatsapp and Viber?? Some of those duplicated accounts are refusing to get deleted even.!!!

Best regards. — Walid

Solution: Hi Walid. Due to a huge volume of readers sending us their requests for assistance everyday, we can no longer post replies as fast as before. It can sometimes take days or even weeks to gather all your questions and organize them into a post. We hope that this reply still reaches you fine and is still relevant at this time.

Anyway, for your first concern, you have to make sure that your phone’s master sync feature is enabled to receive real-time emails. To do that, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Pull down the notification bar.
  • Tap on Edit at the upper right hand side.
  • Look for Sync and tap it.

For the second concern, make sure that you only select a single contact source if you don’t want to have duplicates. You can do this by opening the Contacts app, going to the menu/settings, tapping on Contacts to display.

You may also find more helpful information from this previous post.

There’s nothing that we can do regarding how your Contacts app sorts the list. As far as we know, sorting is by alphabetical order based on the first character of the contact. An update may have changed this so the best thing that you can do is to either modify the contacts list for your convenience or let the existing sorting be.

Problem #4: Facebook contacts not being displayed on Galaxy S6

I can’t sync Facebook to my contacts (for the picture). I cleared the data and the cache like your article said to do. It then said to delete Facebook and reinstall. I cannot delete Facebook. i can only delete updates from the Play Store. I had the pictures on my Note 3. Why do companies have to keep messing things up? Please help. Thanks. — Mike

Solution: Hi Mike. Android operating system  evolves and not all users agree to some changes. If you want to use the profile pictures of your Facebook contacts, make sure that Facebook as contact to display is selected under Contacts app settings. Just follow the directions provided for Walid above.

Problem #5: Slow email sync process for Galaxy S6

I noticed there is a difference in email sync behavior between my current SGS6 and SGS2. My SGS2 only download what is new in the phone and the mails are categorized by date. I find it so easy to retrieve.

However the S6 would download the new mails AND check again all emails from web inbox which already been downloaded previously. This is very annoying because it slows down the sync and displaying of the content.

The other setback of this sync method is its eats up my mobile data usage.

Is there any way to control the sync method to download only new emails and not checking old emails already been downloaded in each sync? — Ernest

Solution: Hi Ernest. Email syncing is just a replication process that ensures all devices and/or, in your case, email clients, have the same information or copies of emails. When an email arrives at your mail server, it is automatically pushed to the mail user agents (also known as email clients or in your case, smartphone). If you opened your email account in multiple devices or smartphones, the syncing process makes sure that they also download a copy of the email, especially if you configured your devices to use IMAP protocol. Thus, it is normal for the syncing process to ensure that your web inbox also downloads a copy of the emails.

We don’t know how fast you intend the sync process should be but the speed should be determined by your email and internet service providers. The issue does not have nothing to do with your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

Problem #6: Comparison between Galaxy S5 and S6 photo shots

I did a comparison photo shot between Galaxy S5 and S6 Edge. I found out that the S6 Edge photo outperform the S5 on the focused part of the photo but the corners are blurry. The S5 photo is stable across the whole photo. Is this because the S6 Edge has OIS which only made the focused area look better but sacrifices the rest?

I took a picture of the newspaper and the S6 Edge photo is much clearer on the focused area but the (non-focused) corner area is blurry. Although the S5 photo is not as clear or bright as the S6 Edge, I can read the news across the photo from corner to corner. — Bruce

Solution: Hi Bruce. The main purpose of Optical Image Stabilization or OIS is to allow smoother capturing of videos and pictures under low-light conditions. Longer exposures are usually needed in these situations, which means that there’s a greater chance of hand shaking when taking photos. Your phone compensates for the shaking with the use of OIS.

Hardware- and software-wise, the Galaxy S6 is superior to the S5. The S6 is equipped with Smart Optical Image Stabilization to allow captures of better pictures. It is an enhancement to an already proven system so we don’t know how it can possibly degrade the overall quality of your photos.

Another thing that makes the S6 rear camera better that that of its predecessor, the S5, is its larger aperture size of f1.9. This allows 34% more light over that of an S5’s camera. In photography, more light almost always equals to more quality photos and videos. On top of that, larger aperture also gives shallower depth of field, resulting to better output during focus shots.


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