5 Signs of Malware In Your Computer

With an increasing number of threats online, it is extremely important to be aware of the signs that your computer will show that could potentially mean that it is infected with a malware. Knowing and understanding the signs allows users to make the necessary steps in order to protect one’s computer and safeguarding personal data from being attacked or compromised.

For today’s post, let us identify 5 warning signs of malware on your computer. This means that if you happen to experience or observe any of these warning sings, it could mean that your computer has been compromised and quickly needs a malware scan to locate and remove any malicious threats.

Signs of Malware In Your Computer

Sign one: Slow Computer Performance

If your computer is running slow, it could be a sign of malware. Malware uses excessive system resources to perform its tasks, which can result in reduced performance of your computer. You may experience programs that are not responding, a frozen mouse cursor, and other performance-related issues.

Sign Two: Unusual Errors and Crashes

Another warning sign of malware on your computer is the occurrence of unusual errors and crashes. Malware targets system files and services and can delete and disable essential services on your PC. This can result in unusual errors and crashes, including the infamous blue screen of death or BSOD.

Sign Three: Suspicious Program Activity

Then there is that suspicious program activities on your computer. Suspiscious activities for instance with the command prompt wherein it automatically opens and closes on its own.

There may also be unrecognized programs in the list of installed programs and these programs could have been installed by malware to perform malicious tasks.

Sign Four: Excessive Hard Drive or Network Activity

Malware may try to spread as far as it can, using your hard drive and internet bandwidth to perform its tasks. If you notice excessive hard drive or network activity, it could be a sign of malware. Watch out for this sign for prompt actions the soonest possible time.

Sign Five: Strange Pop-Ups

Another warning sign of malware may be present on your computer is the presence of strange pop ups from advertisements. Malicious products with malware may ask you to download something and it may include cyber threats that could harm your computer.

Aside from that, pop-ups usually slows down your computer and most of the time we may find it to be annoying.


It is very important to be aware of the warning signs if computer malware is present for prompt and necessary actions can be taken to remove the threat.

Although the signs mentioned may indicated a malware on your computer, there are however advanced malware that can hide and cannot be experienced on your computer. That is why, make sure to regularly scan your computer using a legit anti malware software. That way computer will always be protected from threats.

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