ShopAndroid offers 15% Father’s Day discount on accessories

In celebration of Father’s Day, the ShopAndroid store is slashing 15% off the prices of Android accessories. The promo code to use is DAD13, and it is valid all weekend until midnight PT on Monday.


Here are several items worth checking out from the sale:

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and Cover for Galaxy S4

Price: $89.95

This is product from Samsung that promises to let you charge your Galaxy S4 without the need for cables. Simply place your phone on the pad, and wait for the indicator light to tell you that the charging is done.

Samsung Battery Charger Stand w/ 2600mAh Battery for Galaxy S4

Price: $47.95

This item easily charges a spare 2600mAh battery to ensure that you never run out of power for your Galaxy S4. This compact item also works as a protective case for bringing your spare battery.

Incipio Feather SHINE Ultra Thin Shell with Aluminum Finish for HTC One

Price: $27.95

If you own an HTC One, you may want to consider purchasing this protective shell to ensure your handset is safe from scratches. It also lends an elegant touch to the device with its brushed aluminum finish and transparent sides. and transparent sides.

Motorola Micro-USB High Performance 950mA Car Charge

Price: $14.95

One of the store’s best-sellers is this in-vehicle charger that conveniently lets you provide power to your handset while you are in the car.

LLOYD FX Case for LG Nexus 4

Price: $12.95

Another best-seller is this case for the LG Nexus which is made of thermoplastic polyurethane that protects from scratches and shock. It also comes a quirky custom graphic design from Lloyd, and cutouts to give you access to the ports, buttons, and camera.

Shop Android offers a wide range of choices in terms of accessories, including cases, chargers, car kits, batteries, and wireless gadgets. It has stocks from a long list of brands such as Belkin, 3M, Andru, Freedom, Griffin, iLuv, and Mobi products. It also Android offers international shipping, and has a 60-day return policy with a 100% money back guarantee.

via androidcentral