Sense 4.1 ROM Leaked for International HTC One X

I’d just like to say that the people on the XDA Forums are absolute geniuses. They are the Albert Einstein’s of this generation. Don’t believe me? Well, all of you HTC One X users might just agree after reading about this new ROM created by user, Football.

A leaked ROM hot off the frying pan for the international version of the HTC One X has been released to the internet over on the XDA Forums with some surprising new goodies in it. Aside from the Android 4.0.4, a small update from 4.0.3, the ROM features the latest version of HTC Sense. Thanks to Football on the XDA Forums, here are some of the new and cool features you can expect to see from HTC Sense 4.1 early:

According to those who have went into the depths of the 2.15.401.5 test ROM, the new and improved Sense 4.1 runs faster than 4.0 and is supposedly a whole lot more responsive which could be because of the removal from some of the unneeded 3D eye-candy in the launcher. Sense 4.1 is an all-around smoother experience but not of the buttery level while scrolling through the home screens and opening the app drawer of Sense 4.1. HTC has also tweaked its live wallpaper making its lag-free instead of an aesthetic that just slows down the device.

Owners of the One series who aren’t very pleased with the loss of screen real estate while running th0rd party apps to accommodate the virtual menu bar, you are now able to actually hold down the multi-tasking button to open up the menu options. Another notable change is a new dedicated button that will allow you to switch between both the rear and front camera in the Camera app. There’s also now a button to shift through tabs in the browser. Sense 4.1 also boasts of boosted Wi-Fi performance and extremely better battery life.

Currently, it’s still unknown among the public as to when HTC is planning to release the new firmware for the international One X. Rumors say that that date could be August 18th, and it may be best to mark it down on your calendar (if you’re that excited for it). AT&T is beginning to push a similar update (2.20.502.7) for One X owners through OTA (Over the Air) which brings the device to Android 4.0.4. In that update, Sense 4.1 is still missing so we aren’t very sure as to what’s going on with that.

It’s unclear as to when HTC will release the update (as said above), but if you’re willing to brave the depths rooting and flashing different kinds of ROMs you could experience this update. Football in the XDA Forums has a download link for everyone who wants to try it early. There are a lot of detailed instructions on how to get it working properly so things could be potentially dangerous when putting it on your HTC One X device. In the case that it fails and potentially bricks your device, TheDroidGuy or the developer of the ROM, Football, is not responsible for your actions.

You can download everything and read through the very detailed instructions by clicking on the source link to the XDA Forums below.

Source: XDA Forums