Sega Disappoints Thousands As Android Users Wait For Game Files

Retro games have been pretty popular this week as Rockstar introduced their hit franchise Grand Theft Auto III (GTAIII) into the Android Market, and Sega added Sonic CD. But for those Android fans hoping to pay $1.99 and have an all night blast from the past Sonic fest the game has been a complete let down.

When you purchase Sonic CD on any Android device it seems to have downloaded just fine however the game then tries to reach Sega’s file servers for a 270mb game file that never comes. We’ve tried it multiple times on multiple devices and Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and their app page in the market is filled with frustrated users.

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Sega put this note on their market page:

In the past day, some of you may have experienced issues downloading Sonic CD where the app would sit indefinitely at 0% completion. Unfortunately, our content servers were running at capacity!
We are thrilled that Sonic CD is in such demand, but apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused users. We have now increased our server bandwidth tenfold to accommodate download traffic and the issue should now be resolved!
We appreciate your feedback! Once the download completes, please update your reviews and ratings to reflect the changes and tweet us @sega to tell us your experiences.

Now we’re not talking about some Fred in the shed developer borrowing space from their dads accounting business server, we’re talking about Sega here. We know they haven’t had a good game system since Dreamcast but you would have thought they were ready for this big huge Android release.

Or were they underestimating the 550,000 activating a day Android platform?

We’ll let you know when the game is finally downloadable.


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  1. tip for anyone reading this: i got tired of waiting and went off to google. found the data files hosted elsewhere in about 5 minutes.

    even though the content is useless without the game wrapper that you have to buy, it’s still ¬†copyrighted content so it’s a bit of a grey area as far as the legality of them hosting it..

    ..but nonetheless.. it was easy to find, easy to download, and the game runs great once you get beyond the download issues.

    good luck.

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