Screenshots of Apple Music for Android leak out

Apple Music - Android

Although #Apple has always been anti-Android, the company has softened its stance over the years. The Cupertino giant is even prepping its very own Android app (not counting the infamous Move to iOS app) thanks to its willingness to expand #AppleMusic.

Well, this app has been said to be in the works for quite some time now and we’re now getting a very good glimpse of what the app would look like thanks to a couple of screenshots that have leaked out on the internet.

Apple Music - Android

The app adheres with Google’s Material Design philosophy and has all the UI elements that we come to expect from a big ticket developer. At least this time, Apple took enough time to build the app from the ground up, so that’s certainly a start. The company has already made the app available in a beta, so a select few customers already have access to it.

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Source: Mobile Geeks – Translated

Via: Pocketnow