Samsung will offer you a Level U Bluetooth headset for activating Samsung Pay

Samsung Level U

#SamsungPay customers who activate a new credit card will receive a free #Samsung Level U Bluetooth headset, the company said. This is only valid for new customers of Samsung Pay, which means you won’t qualify if you’ve already registered a credit card on Samsung Pay. The Level U headphones being offered here is priced at $70, so this is quite a decent incentive for customers who activate Samsung Pay on their devices.

In order to be eligible for the promotion, new users have until the 22nd of February to activate a new credit card on the service, so there’s not much time left. Samsung isn’t letting you pick the color variant though and is only offering the Black version. But that’s not much of a caveat as you’re still getting a pretty decent accessory for free, simply for activating a credit card on Samsung Pay.

Clearly Samsung feels that a lot of customers are yet to make the jump to their wireless payments offering, which debuted late last year. So providing incentives such as these could go a long way in convincing users of its potential.

Bear in mind that this promotion is U.S. only.

Source: Samsung

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  1. Samsung says they’re out of the headsets so even thou the date hasn’t past, the promotion is already over because they have no additional stock

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