Samsung will launch its 64-bit chips later this year


According to Kyushik Hong, who is the VP of marketing for Samsung’s system LSI unit, the company’s 64-bit mobile chips are coming later this year. It was widely believed that Samsung would launch its first 64-bit chip with the Galaxy S5, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead the company only announced a new hexa-core chip and a refresh to its octa-core chipset during the MWC. He reaffirmed that hardware sporting this new 64-bit chipset will start rolling out immediately after its announcement. In his words – “Our chip will be ready whenever the operating systems and ecosystem go 64-bit. We’re pretty sure we’re not going to be the bottleneck for that.”

This new chip will be launched under the Exynos moniker, like all its mobile SoCs. With the Android platform pushing to support 64-bit chipsets, there is bound to be a lot of demand for Samsung’s chips. We have already heard about Intel’s plans to launch such a chipset along with Qualcomm which announced a unique midrange 64 bit chipset at the MWC. So Samsung could face some competition from these manufacturers early on. But Qualcomm is expected to have more of an impact on the mobile chipset segment. It currently leads the pack with the Snapdragon 801 chip with the launch of the Snapdragon 805 taking place soon.

Source: CNET

Via: Sam Mobile