Samsung to only use curved edge panels for the Galaxy S8 next year

Galaxy S8

According to a new report that has surfaced online, #Samsung will not have a flat display variant of next year’s #GalaxyS8 flagships. It is said that the manufacturer has already placed orders for 5.1 and 5.5-inch display panels required for the upcoming flagship, both with curved edges. This is something that most tech enthusiasts anticipated well in advance, so it doesn’t necessarily surprise us.

It is, however, a bit of a letdown for those who weren’t all too pleased by the curved edge display panel of the company’s Galaxy S series. One of the common complaints coming from the consumers is that the edge panel registers accidental touches with a lot more frequency compared to flat display phones.

So if both flagships have edge displays, won’t the Galaxy S8 edge become redundant? Perhaps a change in moniker is in order for the upcoming 5.5-inch Galaxy flagship. All things considered, this is still a rumor, so we urge you to take it with a pinch of salt until there’s evidence to prove otherwise.

What do you make of this proposed move?

Source: Korea Herald

Via: Mobile Syrup