Samsung trademarks Gear Blink, a possible face mounted wearable

Samsung Gear Blink

A trademark filing in South Korea has revealed a new Samsung device called the ‘Gear Blink‘. As the name indicates, this could probably be a head mounted wearable, something similar to Google Glass, although there’s no confirmation of that yet.

Samsung recently filed a trademark for something know as the Gear Glass, so this is nothing new to us. It is possible that the company is looking at multiple names for its upcoming Google Glass competitor, with a launch expected to commence in late 2014 or early next year.

Hints like these are certainly giving us a better idea of what the future holds for head/face mounted displays. And it’s only logical for Samsung to swoop in with its offering, given all the hype generated by the expensive yet revolutionary Google Glass. We are yet to hear anything from Samsung on its plans for face mounted wearables, but we expect to know a lot more in the coming days.

Source: The Guardian

Via: Android Central