Samsung to launch the “Rex” series of smart feature phones in emerging markets

Samsung REX series of feature phones

Samsung is working on releasing various kinds of low end smart phones. And with all that going on in various parts of the world, the smart phone manufacturer is targeting emerging markets with feature phones that have some smart features. The South Korean smart phone giant is out with a new series of phones, called the “REX” feature phones.

The company hosted an event at the Oberoi Hotel in India on the 14th of this month, where the company announced the new line of phones. The event was attended by 150 odd people and the announcement was received with great interest by the local media. The feature phone, as can be seen from the image above, has support for two SIM cards and I guess both of these are GSM based. And with the green G icon next to the signal strength indicator of one of the wireless carriers, you can tell that the feature phones have GPRS capability as well (not EDGE?).

Not just that, these feature phones come with touch screen displays as well. The operating system though, is not based on Android, by the look of it. There is no news about this, but we do know that these phones have the iconic Samsung custom overlay, the Touch Wiz user interface, which becomes very clear by the digital clock widget that we have got used to on all Galaxy branded smart phones.

This REX series of feature phones will also have pre loaded SNS apps, and to top that up, there is support for widgets as well. And by that, we can make out that there will be multiple home screens, which are quite customizable. So that is just the way Android works, good. But with that smaller displays, you only get a 4 x 4 icon layout, which does bother me for sure.

Anyway, there is no news if these feature phones will cross the Indian borders, or the South Asian limits. But even if they do, they are solely designed for the emerging markets.

Source: Akihabara News