Samsung surpasses all others with Divx HD stamp!

One of the biggest discussion points for any Android device is it’s ability to act as a portable media device. The generally accepted opinion of the music app included in the stock OS is one of mostly bland and somewhat negative stance. The saving grace could be in how it handles streaming movies and playback. The YouTube app is nice, but not new by any stretch. There needs to be some kind of push. In comes Samsung, with it’s Android banner flying high with 4 amazing phoned coming out, and now a multi-media experience that has earned itself a high honor from DivX. The Samsung Galaxy S series has been approved as DivX HD devices!

This is a pretty big deal, as these phones now join an exclusive group able to natively playback DivX HD files, as well as connect to any DivX player for HD playback. This stamp of approval from DivX places the Galaxy S devices on quite the pedestal, and creates a bar for other manufacturers to meet. This kind of increase in functionality is the exact kind of thing Android needs in order to keep innovating. Being able to functionally interact with other devices already in the home, and tying these devices even further into our day-to-day lives.

What’s the next step in this line of innovative thought? 720p playback from the device? 1080i output via HDMI? Wireless video networking within a house? It’s a pretty big world as far as options. With any luck the other guys are looking at this and realizing that the bar needs to get higher, and faster. This is the king of drive that has made Android what it is today, and will hopefully make tomorrow really cool!

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