Samsung smartphone contains lockscreen bypass bug


We have seen a few lock screen flaws in Apple’s latest mobile operating system version, the iOS 6.1, a few days back. But we have a very similar one on Samsung’s Android smart phones. Enthusiast Terence Eden has discovered the flaw, and he demonstrates this in the video below. The flaw is very easy to demonstrate, and it bypasses the lock screen for a brief moment, even if the lock screen is protected with a pattern.

But this flaw is not of a very high risk, as you can see from the video, there is nothing much you could do. But if you can get to a direct call short cut, you could dial a number. And that is the maximum you can do.

So this is how it works. When you encounter a lock screen on a Samsung Galaxy Android smart phone, press the Emergency Call button. You will get the dial pad. From here, press the ICE button. Then, when the ICE screen comes up, hold down the physical home button for a brief amount of time and let it go. You will see the home screen of the smart phone flash on the display and go back to the pattern unlock screen showing up.

In the brief window of time when the home screen is displayed, you can do anything with it. You can dial a direct contact, or run an app, as shown in the video. But if you run an app, it starts up and goes back behind the lock screen again. Eden mentioned in his blog post that “I spoke to several external security people, and Samsung relationship managers within the industry, who have raised the issue directly with Samsung.” He also claims Samsung has a “really poor record on Android security” and has yet to hear back from the security response team.

Source: Electronista