Samsung Smart TV Exploit Lets Hackers Watch You

Is your Samsung Smart TV acting weird lately? Does it switch channels on its own? If so then someone mayhave hacked into your TV. Researchers have revealed at the Black Hat IT conference held recently in Las Vegas that Samsung’s Smart TVs have a couple of security vulnerabilities which can be exploited.

samsung smart tv

Smart TVs are just like smartphones or computers that have an operating system installed. This allows the consumer to install apps on the TV and use it in various ways such as browsing the Internet, accessing their social networks, or communicating via Skype.

The problem occurs is when someone exploits the vulnerability of the operating system of the Smart TV. This gives that person access that they wouldn’t normally have.

Here are just some of the things that could be accessed from the vulnerability according to the researchers.

  • TV settings and channel lists
  • SecureStorage accounts
  • Widgets and their configurations
  • History of USB movies
  • ID
  • Firmware
  • Whole partitions
  • USB drives attached to the TV

A hacker for example can get information on the Skype username and password stored on the TV and launch the camera without the consumer knowing it.

The browser on the TV can also be easily compromised. If a person accesses their online banking from this browser then personal information can easily be stolen.

This vulnerability was demonstrated on TV models from 2012.

The researchers who demonstrated this vulnerability work for a security firm called iSec Partners who have immediately contacted Samsung regarding this issue.

Samsung has immediately acted on this and released patches to fix the vulnerability of the affected models.  This does not mean though that it is already secure since a new vulnerability may be discovered in the near future.

If you own a Smart TV then the smartest thing to do is to cover the camera on your set just to make sure that no one is watching you. Always unplug the TV when not in use and make sure that you get all of the latest software updates.

via sammobile