Samsung Reports Selling 1 Million Galaxy Note 2 Units In South Korea

Samsung has announced that it has already sold one million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in its home country, South Korea, three months since it was launched last September. Meanwhile, combining local and international sales, the phablet has already topped 5 million units in sales. The phablet was launched globally in October.


According to the Korean news website MK, this accomplishment suggests that the phablet remains to be popular in the country despite the fact that the Apple iPhone 5 is already available.

By comparison, the original Galaxy Note sold around three times less during the first few months after it hit the market. In ten months, Samsung announced selling 10 million units of the phablet. It is estimated that the Galaxy Note 2 will achieve the same feat in roughly four or five months.

In the coming year, Samsung is rumored to be preparing a larger version of the Galaxy Note that measures 7 inches. The company, however, is still silent on the speculation. If Samsung indeed launches a 7-inch model of the Galaxy Note, the South Korean electronics giant will only be among the growing number of companies that are releasing devices with larger displays. Today, Samsung is competing with companies like LG, ZTE, HTC, and Huawei, among a few others which have joined the bandwagon.

It would be recalled that when the Galaxy Note was initially released, many doubted that Samsung made the best decision in designing a device with such a huge display as compared to many other smartphones available in the market. Later, however, some consumers realized that the combination of the functions of a smartphone with those of a tablet could be convenient for multi-tasking. Furthermore, the sheer amount of space may allow for more comfortable browsing, gaming, or media playback.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s other devices are also showing a good performance. TechCrunch notes that Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3 is the best-selling smartphone in the third quarter of the year, beating the Apple iPhone 4S.

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