Samsung reportedly removing bloatware apps from TouchWiz

Samsung TouchWiz

While Samsung devices have been generally doing well in the markets, if there’s one criticism of its devices which has been universally acknowledged, it’s the TouchWiz UI supplied with their devices. In most cases, this UI skin has been found guilty of making the devices sluggish and slow.

A new revelation by Sam Mobile suggests that Samsung is looking to clean up its act finally by removing all of the TouchWiz specific apps from future smartphones. It is said that most of these apps will be user downloadable from the Samsung Apps Store or the Google Play Store, thus not forcing new owners to use them out of the box.

It must be noted that most of the built-in settings like Smart Stay, will most likely remain unchanged, so don’t expect to see a complete redesign of the UI as of yet. But reports in the past have indicated that Samsung is looking to substantially slim down the bloatware on future TouchWiz smartphones, so we’re sure there will be something different with this year’s Galaxy flagship.

There’s no word on which apps will get the boot, but it shouldn’t matter much as users can download them anyway. Do you welcome these changes made by Samsung? Let us know below.

Via: Sam Mobile