Samsung Pay to add iris scanner support soon: Report

Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

As we all know, the #GalaxyNote7 is the first handset by #Samsung to feature an iris scanner. And if you were wondering whether Samsung would go beyond the conventional functions, a new report is mentioning that financial institutions in South Korea are currently discussing terms to include iris scanner support on Samsung Pay.

It is said that this will be finalized sometime by the end of August, although we don’t have a precise timeline for this at the moment.¬†If South Korean institutions introduce support for this particular feature, it shouldn’t take long for other markets to follow suit.

Currently, other wireless payments offerings only offer fingerprint scanning support, so using iris scanning could give Samsung Pay a unique edge over the competition. However, the fact that this feature is only available on the Galaxy Note 7 might prove to be a hindrance in terms of adoption. Perhaps things could get more streamlined with the launch of upcoming flagships.

Source: Business Korea

Via: Android Headlines