Samsung patents eye scanning technology, possibly for the Galaxy S5

Samsung Eye ScanningAccording to a new patent application filed by Samsung which was accessed by Patent Bolt, the R&D team in Korea could be working on a new eye scanning feature for its future smartphones. Although such patent filings don’t necessarily mean immediate implementation, we’re guessing this is going to be the something unique from the upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship, which is five to six months away from launch.

The patent filing reveals that this will be an iris scanner rather than a conventional retina eye scanner which has been poorly implemented in the past. And unlike a conventional iris scanner which makes use of an infrared ray illuminator, Samsung’s version would apparently make this happen using a proximity sensor. The proximity sensor would then double as a standard proximity sensor as well as an iris scanner, with some technicalities involved.

This will certainly be a step in the right direction if Samsung manages to implement it correctly. Samsung has reportedly shied away from fingerprint scanning due to the proper technology not being there. So the development team at Samsung will really have to work hard if they’re planning to implement the iris scanner with the Galaxy S5.

Source: Patent Bolt

Via: Talk Android