Samsung opening third screen manufacturing unit to cope up with the Galaxy S6 Edge demand

Galaxy S6 Edge

A new report suggests that Samsung is on its way towards opening a third display manufacturing unit in order to keep the demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge at bay. It seems like the company initially underestimated the kind of demand that the smartphone will see after launch, which explains this move to some extent.

It is said that this new manufacturing unit will allow Samsung to produce up to 5 million screens per month, significantly helping its cause. The company can only produce 2 million displays per month at the moment, so the addition of this new unit will help the company greatly.

Samsung had initially planned to get this factory up and running by June, but clearly, it can’t wait that long now as the demand seems to be soaring. The company has refused to divulge official sales figures of the two flagships, but by the looks of it, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have been doing pretty well so far.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Android Authority