Samsung looking to ramp up production of its flexible displays

Samsung Flexible Display

A new report from China, Samsung Display is looking to substantially increase production of its flexible display panels for use in future smartphones. Last year we saw the Galaxy Round which was the world’s first smartphone with a curved AMOLED display, but sadly its launch was limited to just South Korea.

By increasing production volume of its flexible displays, Samsung will finally be able to bring a smartphone touting this display to global markets. The company is expected to invest close to $1.9 billion in this new manufacturing plant which is expected to begin production of these curved display panels by the end of 2014.

This hints that devices with Samsung’s curved or flexible display might not make its way to the market until at least 2015. We can expect the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5 next year to feature the said display, so don’t hold your breath for the launch of a Galaxy Round like device anytime soon.

Given that LG has already ramped up production of its curved displays, Samsung wouldn’t want to be left behind, so it will be interesting to see what it comes up with in 2015. Patent filings have revealed that there could be devices with wraparound displays, so the future certainly looks promising.

Source: LED Wealth Network

Via: Talk Android