Samsung Leaks Out Video of Galaxy S Tab

One story we’ve stayed on top of for the past couple of months is the release of the Samsung Galaxy S Tab. Samsung has a big feat ahead of them by bringing their signature Galaxy S line to a tablet.  This may be the first tablet that can actually rival, and then beat the Ipad.  We’ve tested a total of 12 Android tablets thus far and NONE of them have even come close to say the feel and fucntion of even a Motorola Backflip much less qualify as an “Android Tablet”

The Video Highlights:
Augmented Reality
Video Calls
Full Web Browsing
Android 2.2

And much more. This teaser video says Berling Germany September 2, 2010 do you remember when we said that there was NO way that the Tablet would be announced August 11th? It’s because we had already been invited by Samsung Mobile” to join Samsung in Berlin at the IFA”

So stay tuned next week to and for liveblogging and more on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Here’s the link to the video

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