Samsung to launch Gear S3 in a ‘Classic’ variant

Samsung Gear S2

We’ve already heard that the #Samsung #GearS3 will come with pretty much the same design as the predecessor. A new revelation is now suggesting that the smartwatch will also have a ‘Classic’ version, just like the Gear S2. This basically means that the Gear S3 will be sold in a standard model and a more expensive Classic variant, perhaps with a metal or leather strap.

While smartwatches haven’t¬†evolved to a point of global approval, the Gear S2 was certainly one of the better ones available out there. Thanks to attractive and innovative features like the rotating bezel ring, the wearable was an instant favorite among fans. Something similar will be expected of the next-gen model which will be revealed in September.

Much like the Gear S2, we expect the Gear S3 to be compatible with a wide-range of smartphones and not just Samsung’s Galaxy handsets. This means that the wearable would be more appealing to a wider set of audiences.

Are you waiting for the Gear S3?

Source: KIPRIS

Via: SamMobile