Samsung introduces new $30 freebie for Samsung Pay users

Samsung Pay

We’ve seen innumerable promotions meant to drive consumers towards #SamsungPay in the past. The Korean manufacturer is still at it and has freshly launched a new $30 gift card promotion for users who haven’t made a purchase on the service yet. However, there are multiple caveats here unlike previous deals.

The promo is only applicable for those who have installed and registered a Samsung Pay account but haven’t made a purchase yet. And upon making three fresh purchases using Samsung Pay, a $30 credit will instantly be added to your account. You get to choose between Best Buy, eBay, Game Stop or Regal Entertainment gift cards, which is a nice touch.

You will have to make the three purchases between April 15 and May 10 to be eligible for the freebie. The promo is valid on any Samsung Pay compatible device and not just the new S7 models. If you’ve been on the fence about making purchases on Samsung Pay, this incentive might help you cross over to the other side.

Source: Samsung

Via: Android Police

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  1. Don’t get Fucked by samsung… I bought the Galaxy Note 5 a couple of months ago and the samsung salesman at best buy said I would qualify for 4 samsung promotional rebates they had going at that time. I filled out All the correct Rebate Forms and submitted them to samsung, and 3 months later, I received an email stating I would Only receive One of their promotional rebates. Screw Samsung… I’ve had all their phones since the very first Note series and their Galaxy S phones. No More!!!

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