Samsung Hub app could be skipped from future Galaxy devices

Samsung Logo - Samsung Hub

As we all know, Samsung devices come preinstalled with Samsung Hub, which is the company’s dedicated app store for some exclusive titles which non-Samsung devices don’t have access to. It is now being said that the company could be looking to ditch this service altogether beginning with future Samsung products. This move has already come to fruition as the Galaxy S5 doesn’t come preinstalled with the app.

It is likely that Google has a part to play in this as it has reportedly asked Samsung in the past to tone down TouchWiz to some extent so that Google’s own apps and services are not avoided. The revelation about Samsung Hub’s exit was made by a company employee named Philip Berne on Twitter, who has since deleted his tweet.

The fact that an employee spoke on a public forum on this and quickly retracted his words means that it could be real, but Samsung might not be ready to share these details with the world yet. Considering that the Galaxy S5 doesn’t pack Samsung Hub already, it’s unlikely that any future devices will come with the app preinstalled, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the service will cease to exist.

Via: SamMobile