Samsung Hercules Samsung Galaxy S II Variant With Telus Branding Shows Up Again

As the everyone in the world can get a Galaxy S II except American’s saga continues, the Samsung Hercules has been spotted again, and again with Telus branding.¬† Telus is a carrier in Canada.

Our favorite Canadian Mobile site, Mobile Syrup, has obtained a second picture of the Samsung Hercules Hercules Hercules, with a Telus Sim card properly installed. The Hercules is said to be an SGSII variant. It features rounder corners and a 4.5″ display. It’s packing a 1.2 ghz dual core processor under the hood and a front facing camera that is 2mp. The Telus version will run on their 42mbps HSPA+ network, the same super 4G network that T-Mobile USA runs.

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We are pretty certain that the Hercules is headed to T-Mobile, but unfortunately not until October. The worry at that time is that all this wam bam bang technology from Samsung will be almost outdated as we will have already passed through IFA, another CTIA and almost the holidays.

From the pictures though, the Samsung Hercules Hercules Hercules definitely looks nice and probably feels great in the hand. We should find out Samsung’s entire US strategy at an August 29th press event in New York City.

Source: Mobile Syrup