Samsung Has Only Shipped 300,000 Bada Devices In 2 Years And They Are Ok With That

Pretty interesting news is coming out of the UK today. It seems that Samsung’s tier 2 operating system, Bada has only shipped 300,000 units in the UK in Samsung is reportedly ok with that.

Techradar recently interviewed Keith O’Brien, Samsung’s UK Head of Content, who said that Samsung was satisfied with those numbers.

“We’ve been responsible for 5.3 million downloads, which, from 300,000 devices, is 17 downloads per device – so from our point of view it demonstrates the engagement we’re achieving with Bada and reinforces the strength and appeal of the content we’re providing,” he told Techradar.

O’Brien reported that Bada has around 40,000 apps in their Bada app store. That comes from a developer community that’s right now just about 300 strong.

During the interview O’Brien suggested that Android was like petrol while Bada was like diesel.

“Whilst you can have a petrol-powered engine which gives better performance, a diesel engine gives you better efficiency” O’Brien said in his techradar interview.

source: Techradar