Samsung Gear Live now seeing Android Wear 1.5 update

Gear Live

Samsung’s #GearLive smartwatch is now seeing an update to Android Wear 1.5, which is not as fancy as the upcoming Wear 2.0 upgrade, but will still do the job. The update mainly features some under the hood incremental changes, so not a whole lot will be different as far as features are concerned.

Much to our surprise, it only comes with the May 2016 security patch, which tells us about the sorry state of Android Wear updates for older wearables. But barring this, the Gear Live will also be seeing the inclusion of a restart button in the Settings page now, which went missing after the previous update.

That’s pretty much it really, so don’t expect any major changes post the update. It was recently mentioned how Samsung might not be interested in making more Android Wear smartwatches, although the company was quick to refute those claims. But the truth remains that Samsung has only had one smartwatch over the past two years while other manufacturers have had twice as much, if not more.

Source: Reddit

Via: 9to5Google