Samsung Galaxy Tab Sells 600,000 In Under 1 Month

This weekend we saw reports from that said that production on the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been halved. There were also comments made by Wall Street Analyst, Ashkok Kumar, that the Galaxy Tab sales were doing poorly. Today though, we’ve learned that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has sold more than 600,000 units since it’s release.

With 600,000 Galaxy Tabs (or as we affectionately call them Gtabs) out of the gate so far, it’s clear they will hit their million sales mark by the end of the year. It’s also worthy to note that 3 of the US models have been on sale around 10 days and AT&T’s Galaxy Tab model went on sale yesterday.

When we attended the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Tab at the IFA convention in Berlin, earlier this year, Samsung Mobile Head JK Shin projected sales of 1 million between launch and the end of the year.

There’s been wide spread speculation across Android websites that the Galaxy Tab would falter in sales due to the ever growing number of “Tegra 2” and “Honeycomb” tablet launches expected in 2011. However Samsung is a trusted name in consumer electronics and the 7″ form factor is ideal for the traveling business person. Coupled with wireless printing, projector support and more, the Samsung Galaxy Tab takes the conference room going business persons load to under 2 pounds.

We have been using various versions of the Galaxy Tab here at thedroidguy and have all but abandoned the laptop.

Source: Asia News Net

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